REVIEW: Dyson V6 Total Clean

I have to confess, for a long time I didn’t understand the fuss over Dyson vacuum cleaners and the obsession some people have with them. They couldn’t be that much better than the other brands on the market, surely? Last month I was invited to attend an event at the Dyson showroom in London to learn more about the renowned British company and their latest V6 cordless technology. I would never have thought that a cordless vacuum could be just as powerful as a corded cleaner. I left the event a total convert and couldn’t wait to get my hands on my own Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner. My Dyson V6 Total Clean is now here and I can’t stop telling people how absolutely brilliant it truly is. I am now one of those obsessed people.


Dyson V6 Total Clean review


The Dyson V6 range has two core technologies: the V6 digital motor and the 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones.


The V6 motor is digitally controlled and spins at up to 110,000rpm. To put that into perspective: conventional motors spin at 25,000rpm, F1 car engines at 19,000rpm and jet engines at 17,000rpm. Mind blown! This is what create the powerful suction to create the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuum cleaners that are as powerful – or in my case, more powerful – than corded cleaners.


Then there are 15 cyclones working in parallel across two tiers, which have been engineered to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces to separate dirt and dust from the airflow and capture it in the clear bin.




At the Dyson event we had lots of fun creating mess and using the machines to clean it up. Breakfast cereal, rice and baking powder proved no challenge on a variety of surfaces. Once home with my own Dyson cordless cleaner to play with, its capabilities were truly shown.


The Dyson V6 Total Clean* comes with a variety of cleaner heads and tools. The one I use the most is the direct-drive cleaner head, as I have carpets throughout my house apart from my bathroom and kitchen. I HATE having carpets – we live in a rented house so the choice is not mine – but I hate them even more after seeing how much dirt and dust came out of them after using the Dyson.


Having small children means I invariably end up having to vacuum clean my house several times a day, and I had assumed that my well-known brand cleaner had been doing a good enough job. I had already cleaned the house the day that my Dyson was delivered, but I was excited to try it out so had a quick go over my hallway carpets. And was stunned when the clear bin was filled within minutes. The bristles of the direct-drive cleaner head drive deep into the carpet to remove more dirt and the carbon filaments remove fine dust.


To clean the kitchen, which everyday features an array of dropped food, mostly cereal, I use the soft roller cleaner head which has been designed for hard floors. My old, now-defunct, vacuum used to send the bits scattering across the laminate flooring, but the soft roller head of the Total Clean removes large debris and fine dust simultaneously. It has full-width coverage, soft woven nylon, with rows of anti-static carbon fiber filaments. It catches everything!



I love than I can move from room to room with ease. I don’t have to constantly unplug and replug the vacuum cleaner. It is great to be able to spot mess and quickly clean it up, without having to lug a heavy machine out. It is lightweight which means my stairs are now cleaned more regularly; previously this was the bane of my life and I avoided it unless I really had to!


The balanced weight of the machine makes light work of cleaning cobwebs from high up and it is quick and easy to change the tools. It can even be changed into a handheld cleaner which is perfect for cleaning the cars. Emptying the bin is easy and hygienic, with a simply button press the bottom of the bin opens so the contents can be tipped out.


The Dyson V6 Total Clean has a run-time of up to 20 minutes. Ian was disappointed with this when he was cleaning his car and the machine cut out. He shouldn’t leave it so long between cleaning his car! I find 20 minutes more than enough for cleaning the house. The first time I used the vacuum cleaner I had to recharge it before I could do the whole house, as it was pulling out all the old dirt that my useless old machine had failed to get. Now though, it’s more than enough time and the vacuum can sit in the docking station recharging ready for next time.


I now can’t imagine ever going back to using a corded vacuum cleaner, and certainly won’t be using anything other than a Dyson in future. I am well and truly converted! You can find the Dyson V6 Total Clean exclusively at Currys PC World for £429.99.



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*review sample


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  2. This looks great. I think I need a cordless one as I hate having to constantly move it plus it would work really well on the hard floors! I like that because it's so light you can do up high too! X

    1. It is so so handy, and so lightweight! The fluffy head is fantastic on hard floors x

  3. I realise you wrote this a while ago but we have just bought a V6 Total Clean having finally been convinced by your review. So grateful that you convinced us, it's amazing! Makes light work of cleaning up after a 16 month old boy.

  4. We have just purchased a Dyson V6 Total Clean. We couldn't decide what cordless cleaner to buy and are so glad we stumbled upon your blog. On the strength of your review we made the purchase and love it. It has been a life changer and great for cleaning after a 16 month old. Thank You for your review!


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