Review: Lascal Maxi Plus BuggyBoard

Jude was only two and a half when Essie was born and his little legs weren't quite ready for walking everywhere. When Jude was a baby I used to carry him in a sling whilst pushing Noah in a stroller, and I sometimes do this too with Essie. But for various reasons it's not always practical, and this is when the Lascal Maxi Plus BuggyBoard comes in really handy! 

Cheeky Rascals sent a Lascal Maxi Plus to me in time for Essie's arrival, but it's not actually had much use until recently as Jude was nervous to go on it! He was only ever happy to go on it I walked reeeally slowly, so we put it away until he felt more confident. The Lascal Maxi Plus is a BuggyBoard and Saddle seat combination, so as well as standing on it, little ones have the option to sit down and ride too. 

Lascal BuggyBoards fit approximately 99% of pushchairs, prams, buggies and strollers. There is a guide online to check whether it will fit yours and it comes with clear instructions on how to fit it. In the box you get:

- BuggyBoard Maxi
- Saddle seat
- Strap & Hook
- Easy-Fit™ Connectors
- Extender Arms

I found it easy to set up and fit the BuggyBoard to my Graco Evo Avant pushchair using the Easy-Fit™ Connectors. You don't need any special tools and it  only took me around five minutes before we were ready to go! The BuggyBoard Maxi has built-in suspension, large wheels and a large anti-slip platform, so it is a strong and durable option. The Saddle seat is comfy and Jude can sit facing me or sit facing forward; there is a handle to hold on both ends of the seat. On days where he wants to stand, the seat simply folds down out of the way.

People often ask me if it's easy to push a buggy with a BuggyBoard attached and for the most part, yes it is. Obviously it becomes heavier to push because of the weight of a second child, and I find that I need to allow more space for turning as you need to turn corners more widely than if I just had the buggy. 

The BuggyBoard Maxi comes with a strap and hook so that it can be folded up and out of the way. This is really handy as often Jude just wants to walk and only go on the BuggyBoard when he gets tired. It's much more practical than having to remove the BuggyBoard entirely and often more convenient than taking a double pushchair it takes up such little space - as well as being far cheaper! 

I have single pushchairs as well as a double and I love using slings; but having the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus gives me more options depending on what we're doing and where we are going. I love having the flexibility and Jude now enjoys sitting on it, so if you're expecting a new baby and are worried that your toddler isn't ready to walk everywhere, it's a great alternative to a double buggy! It's suitable for children from approximately 2 years-old to 20kg/44lbs which is approximately 5 years old.

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus costs £110.00 from Cheeky Rascals where they also stock the Maxi and Mini versons. 

With thanks to Cheeky Rascals for sending the BuggyBoard to review.

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