Review: Grumbalina by Karina Frederiks

Originally published 21/02/2021 Updated 05/03/2024

Let me introduce you to the book that I have read about eleventy billion times this half term: Grumbalina and The Day Everything Changed by Karina Frederiks, which was kindly sent to us to review. It is the first book in a modern children's book series about Grumablina the fairy, her friends and their world of magic. Why have I read it about eleventy billion times? Well, because my daughter utterly loves it!

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Here's the blurb:

"Hop on the next cloud and float into Puff-town. Meet Grumbalina and the other fairies and learn about their world of spells and magic. The school year has just started again after summer, and Grumbalina doesn't want to go back. Not only does she struggle with her spells, Grumbalina doesn't have any friends at school. But everything is about to change very quickly."

The author, Karina Frederiks, has based the story on some of her own life experiences and some of the characters we meet in the books are based on people she knows in real life. Her stories involve the fairies facing common everyday challenges, such as sibling rivalry and confidence. 

In this first book, we meet Grumbalina on her first day back at school after the summer holidays. It seems like nothing will go her way after she misses the bus and gets lost among the clouds, especially with a seemingly perfect sister to compare herself to. But by the end of the day she has something very special: a friend!

My three (nearly four!) year old loves this story with its vibrant illustrations and I am never allowed to get away with reading it to her just once! She especially loves the map of Pufftown at the start of the book and talks about where she would like to visit if she were able to go there. The way Grumbalina says "mugglefrump" makes her laugh and I've even found myself saying it too! We are really looking forward to the next story in the series to see what will happen now that Grumbalina has a friend by her side and how everything is going to change for her. You can find this book at

What stories are your children enjoying?

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