To everyone that told me I should put my baby down...

Originally published 04/08/2018 Updated 05/03/2024

To everyone that told me I should put my baby down. To the people that told me that I cuddled him too much. To the ones that said I'm making a rod for my back. To the relatives that said he should sleep on his own. To those that said he would grow up to be clingy. To the friends that said he would never learn to be independent. And that he would never want to leave my side.

You were all wrong.

You were wrong about my first baby. And you were wrong about my second baby. My third baby?

You were all wrong again.

So to the parents who are in the same boat, worrying that you're doing the wrong thing. To the parents feeling pressured by family to "put the baby down". To the parents being told that your baby must learn to settle himself. To the parents with friends that think that you cuddle your baby too much. 

To the parents doubting, second-guessing and questioning themselves. To the parents thinking, "am I doing this right?"  

Have confidence, because you are doing it right. 

You really, really are.

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