Easter Craft Idea: Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

This month's Bostik Blogger box had an Easter theme. Easter falls pretty early this year, on 27th March, and I've come up with a really simple and quick craft idea using pipe cleaners and pom poms that your toddler or preschooler will love. As I write this post I can hear Little N downstairs playing with his finger puppets and singing "Old MacDonald" - cuuuute! 

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We made two bunny finger puppets and one chick. To make these we used:

- Bostik Fast Tak 
- 3 large + 2 small pom poms
- 1 small triangle of foam (very small, for the chick's beak!)
- 3 sets of googly eyes

Making the finger puppets is really straight forward and only takes a few minutes to make each one. The Bostik Fast Tak is very sticky so that part is definitely a job for the adults, and it's best to use it in a well-ventilated area. The key with the Fast Tak is to use is sparingly! 

Here's how we made the finger puppets:

1. Wind the pipe cleaners around your finger to make them into spirals.
2. Spray a small amount of Bostik Fast Tak on one end of the pipe cleaner and press firmly onto a large pom pom. 
3. Spray a small amount of Fast Tak on to the small pom poms (for the bunny's nose) or the back of the foam (for the chick's beak) and stick them to the large pom pom. 
4. Stick the googly eyes onto the large pom pom.
5. To make the bunny's ears, take a pipe cleaner and fold it up and down to make an "M" shape. Spray a small amount of Fast Tak to the bottom and press firmly onto the large pom pom.
6. Once the glue has dried, which takes minutes, your Easter themed pipe cleaner finger puppets are ready to be played with! 

What other Easter craft activities should we try?

Originally published on 14/02/2016, updated 05/03/2024.


  1. Love this idea. Nice and simple and blue tac glue spray what?!! That sounds amazing. We did potato easter egg stamping last year which is a great one for little ones :)

  2. Oh I love these! How cute are they? Olly is getting into his crafting now (mainly with his Nanny as she's so clever) and this is something that we can do together. Looks like a perfect craft for Easter for pre-schoolers

  3. These are adorable!! I'd love to see some more easter crafts. We created carrot bunting last year out of foam shapes x

  4. Oh wow, these are too cute! We do loads of crafts around Easter - My 3 girls will love making these. Thanks for sharing x

  5. Awww these look great! What a lovely Easter craft to do with children. I'm definitely bookmarking this one! Xx

  6. These are a GORGEOUS idea!!!! How lovely :) It's not often I think — YES, I'll do this with the boys — but this is definitely a keeper!! The Twinkles would LOVE them! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Love this idea, its nice and simple but looks brilliant, I have never heard of the blu tack fast tack. Sounds fab!

  8. Awww these look so cute! What a lovey idea. We made Easter Chicks last year using yellow paint that we spread out using a fork to create the fluffiness of the chick! The girls loved it. I'll have to give these a go this year! :-) xx

  9. Love these! Have everything we need to do these so I'll definitely give them a go :)

  10. Ahhh these are super cute! Last year we made an easter bonnet for our Easter Bostik crafts x

  11. Oh these are so cute! We have so many pipe cleaners so will defo give them a go x


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