Review: The Addams Family Mansion Mayhem

It was my smallest boy's 7th birthday last month. Since Christmas he has been saving up his pennies to buy a Nintendo Switch, and with the money he got for his birthday he was able to buy the console, while relatives got him some games to go with it.

Promotional post for Outright Games  - contains PR product.

He was also surprised with a download code for The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem, the new game published by Outright Games who sent me a code so that we could try it and share our thoughts. What brilliant timing! The game is based on the 2019 animated movie (which my lot love!) and its upcoming sequel, which they are so excited to go and watch at the cinema. 

In this 3D platform adventure, you can play alone or with up to four players on the same screen. The aim of the game is to save The Addams Family's mansion from a creepy visitor who is set on taking over! You can play in story mode, choosing to play as one of the many characters from the movie who each have their own special abilities, and work through the mansion piecing together the puzzle of the Addams Family history. This is how my son has been enjoying the game, but there is also the option to play mini games if you want a quick fix of victory!

It seems a fairly simple but fun game, great for children, especially around the same age as mine and can be played as a family. It's got a big thumbs up from this seven year old!

Are your children fans of video games? What do they like to play?

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