Review: Diono Quantum Classic Pushchair

Back in my pre-baby days I'd get excited about new shoe deliveries. Nowadays, it's the arrival of a new pushchair that gets me all giddy! The Diono Quantum Classic is based on the best-selling original Diono Quantum travel system. The new version has a range of updates to suit all parents and Diono kindly sent us one to review. We've really been putting it through its paces over the last few weeks and here's how we got on with it!

Key features of the Diono Quantum Classic pushchair

This version of the Diono Quantum has all the great features of the original with premium added extras. Some of the key features are:

     - An innovative smart seat that converts from bassinet to toddler seat, can be used parent or world facing, is extra long and wide and is suitable from birth to 22kg (around 4 years old).
    - Complete protection from the elements with a four-tier eclipse canopy, which is the biggest canopy available on a pushchair.
    - A unique, easy to use, one-step brake.
    - A supersize XL basket which can fit a cabin-sized suitcase!
    - A super compact nesting fold allows the Quantum to fit in the smallest of hatchbacks.

The new Diono Quantum Classic also has:

    - Premium tailored fabrics with luxury accent detailing.
    - A stylish chestnut brown leatherette handlebar.
    - All terrain pneumatic tyres to cover forest, parks and city pavements, with a handy air pump included.
    - A convenient cup holder.
    - Super soft, plush bassinet liner and mattress.
    - Full hood lining to create a cosy and quiet sleep space.

Unboxing and setting up

When delivery day came around I was surprised that there was only one box for the pushchair itself, and how compact it was. It took a bit of tugging to pull the pushchair components out of the box as it's on the heavy side, but putting it together was really simple. The wheels just click on and off (handy for storage) as does the bumper bar, and the fabric components such as the canopy and bassinet cover use zips. 

Using the Diono Quantum Classic

I'm a big fan of pushchairs with multimode seat units, by this I mean seats than can convert from a bassinet to a toddler seat. It's one less thing to have to store for a start! The smart seat on the Diono Quantum Classic is really plush and luxurious, it feels sturdy and supportive and looks gorgeous. The pushchair comes with a bassinet liner and mattress creating a really cosy and snug environment perfect for a newborn. Essie is much too old to use the seat in this mode now, so I have been using the seat in toddler mode since we got it. 

It's easy to switch the seat from bassinet to toddler mode by adjusting the zips and clips beneath the seat, and adjusting the recline. I love how easy it is to recline the seat; there is a handle at the top of the seat. Squeeze it, recline the seat then release! The pushchair can be used both world-facing and parent-facing. I love having my babies facing me so I can chat and just keep an eye on them, so Essie will be parent-facing for the foreseeable future. She's very comfortable in the Quantum and most of the time she falls asleep within minutes of me starting to walk and the five-point harness keeps her secure. 

The canopy on the Quantum is absolutely huge and give protection from the elements whether the seat is in lie flat mode or in toddler mode. It's fully lined inside and comes right up and over the length of the seat. This is wonderful for Essie to be able to nap peacefully while I run errands in town or take the boys to and from school, and I can use the peek-a-boo flap to check on her without disturbing her. The hood is big enough to provide cover from light rain or short showers, and there is a raincover included when more protection is needed.

The pushchair has a lush leatherette handlebar which is comfortable to hold and push and coordinates nicely with the leatherette bumper bar. The handlebar has several height settings which is great if you're tall. I do wish it had a couple more lower settings though, as at only 5'2" even the lowest setting is a bit too high for me! I love that there is a wrist strap included; this is the first pushchair I've owned that has come with one. My town has a few steep hills and I am always paranoid about buggies rolling away from me!

Pushing the Diono Quantum Classic is a doddle and despite the weight of it, it doesn't feel too heavy. The only time I really notice the weight is going up kerbs, as I have to push down on the handlebar to lift up the front of the pushchair. The back wheels have air-inflated tyres which make for a smooth ride over bumpy ground, and the hard wheels at the front make turning easy. I do find it a bit tricky to push one-handed, but if you don't require one of your hands to keep hold of a tearaway toddler like me then this won't be a problem for you. And the Quantum does come with a useful cup-holder so that frees up a hand as well!

One of the features I really love about the Quantum is the brake. It's a foot brake and you just need to press it on and off. This is going to be a game changer come the summer as I have often caught my toes when trying to release brakes on other prams whilst wearing flip flops! When the brake is on you can see that the step has been pressed down and red markers either side of the step highlight that it is on. 

Another great feature is the XL basket. Oh, how I underestimated the need for a decent sized basket when I was shopping for my first ever pushchair! Nowadays it is one of the first things I look at! Even if you've only got one child, a good sized basket is a must and the basket on the Diono Quantum is so big that a cabin-sized suitcase can fit in it. It has been years since I last went on a plane but for me it's been great for putting the boys' school bags, library books, shopping and bunches of flowers! The basket also has elastic loops built into it for storing the car seat adapters and tyre pump, which both come with the pushchair. It's little details like that which make life so much easier for parents! 

The Diono Quantum Classic has a one-handed fold which is very easy to do. You push a button with your thumb, then twist the handlebar up and lift. It's folds down really neatly and compactly, and the back wheels can come off with the press of a button if necessary. I don't need to do so with my car, but this is a great feature and would have been really useful last year when I had a courtesy car with a tiny boot! The frame has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and you can even fold the pushchair with the seat still attached if you use it world-facing. To unfold, you just have to unclip the safety clip and lift the handlebar. 

There is so much that I love about this pushchair. It is almost, almost perfect. The only thing that stops it being utterly perfect is the height of the handlebar. And that's me really nitpicking! It's got so many amazing features that make up for it though. The huge canopy, the easy recline, the XL basket, the compact one-handed fold, the multimode seat, the easy foot brake and the absolutely gorgeous plush fabrics. It's beautiful to look at and a dream to push, and with Essie falling asleep in it nearly every time what more could I ask for?!

The Diono Quantum Classic is available in grey and retails at £675. The footmuff is sold separately and retails at £70.

With thanks to Diono for sending this pushchair to review.

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