REVIEW: Slumbersac Sleeping Bag with Feet

Over the summer months Baby J has happily slept under a thin blanket, but now the weather is getting cooler and the nights are turning cold, a blanket isn’t enough. He is far too wriggly for a duvet, so going back to using a baby sleeping bag is the obvious choice. Now that he is walking, most baby sleeping bags would restrict his little feet, however Slumbersac have the perfect solution: a baby sleeping bag with feet!


slumbersac review


Traditional bedding like duvets and blankets can leave babies and toddlers feeling too hot or too cold. It can be hard for us as parents to work out how many blankets a child needs and even if we do work it out they just kick and fidget their way out from beneath them. Or is that just my children?! Sleeping bags keep little ones at a constant temperature throughout the night, no matter how wriggly they get, ensuring they are comfortable and snug until morning.


slumbersac baby sleeping bag review


Slumbersac sleeping bags are made from soft cotton jersey and lined with cotton too, with polyester padding inside. The sleeping bags with feet come in four sizes from 12 months through to 4 years, and are available in summer weight 1.0 tog, standard weight 2.5 tog and winter weight 3.5 tog. Currently there are 3 designs available: owls, teddies and stars. J has the gorgeous star design in the standard weight, as our house rarely falls below 18 degrees.


slumbersac baby sleep bag review


The clever sleeping bags with feet* are perfect for little ones like Baby J who are walking or learning to walk. When I’m getting J ready for bed he can potter about and once he is asleep his feet can be slipped inside the sleeping bag to keep them warm. It is really easy to put J in this sleeping bag as it just has one long zip up the middle and a popper at the top, and it fits him perfectly. The elasticated cuffs stop his feet from sliding out during sleep, but I thought his toes looked so adorable I just had to photograph them still out!


slumbersac baby sleeping bag with feet review


J has been sleeping beautifully in his Slumbersac sleeping bag. The first time he slept in it was for an afternoon nap, which is usually an hour at the most. He slept for over two hours! It is brilliant when he wakes for a night feed as he is still snug while he nurses, then I can simply put him back down without disturbing him by having to rearrange blankets or duvets. The sleeping bag washes really well; we were recently hit with a tummy bug so it has been washed multiple times yet still looks as good as new with no bobbles or fading at all!


slumbersac review sleeping bag


Slumbersac sleeping bags with feet start at just £20.99. Slumbersac also have a great range of regular baby sleeping bags as well as travel bags and other accessories.


What do your children prefer to sleep in?


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  1. How adorable is that! Abbie was never a fan of sleeping bags, just wanted to sleep on me all the time, still does now and she's 3! Haha x

  2. What a fab product and it is gorgeous too for a fab price! Perfect for christmas :)

    Gemma xx

  3. I love the idea of these, although neither of mine have been fans of them. I love the pattern of this one x

  4. I've seen photos of these. If Amelia was still in sleeping bags I would definitely be getting one as I think that's what drove her out of them she used to get so frustrated getting her feet caught up. Now she's in a bed she just has a duvet! I love the pattern of the sleeping bag and glad your getting on well with it!

  5. I actually love these. I'm just worried my daughters feet would get cold?

    1. You pop their feet up inside when they're ready to sleep, the elasticated cuffs stop their feet from slipping out. I left J's feet out for the photos because they looked so cute :) x

  6. I'll be honest, neither of mine have ever taken to sleeping bags so we don't use them but this Slumbersac looks amazing. Love the fact they can keep warm without any restriction on movement! xx

  7. Oh, this is really cute! I actually quite want one for myself! My girls both love sleeping bags. It took me until my eldest was 3 to get her to give up her sleeping bag and move to a duvet. I think it would have been even more difficult if she'd been able to walk round in it!x

  8. That a great idea! Pickle would have lived this when he was younger - he has sleep sacs but I love he feet idea. Kaz x

  9. I love this idea! It would have been perfect for Ava as she always gets such hot feet! x

  10. My 2 year old loves her duvet so I'm not sure she would like this. But I think it's a great idea and I love the pattern! xx

  11. This would be perfect for my little boy! He's such a wriggler, I have to check he's covered whenever I wake up in the night, it would be lovely not to have to get up!! x

  12. This is such a great product! Lamb was always in Gro Bags, but once he was walking they frustrated him, and I had to give him a duvet earlier than I wanted to.I wish I had this for him! xx

  13. ooo wow I love the look of this, I could never find a sleeping bag over 2 years but this looks so cool! Thanks for sharing great review x

  14. Little Miss H still sleeps in her sleeping bag. We love it. She was ways kicking her blankets off so a sleeping bag was a perfect solution. Plus, I always liked he idea of it regulating her temperature and not having to worry about blankets going over her head. Those bags with feet look brilliant. But wouldn't there feet get cold? Also, I would miss seeing Little Miss H hobble around funnily when she tries to walk in her sleeping bag. Oh I am such a cruel mother! Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  15. Thanks for the review. I have been using Halo sleep sacks but my son got too big for the XL and their toddler version is polyester and looks awful after one wash. I'll definitely give Slumbersac a chance.


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