Cook Your Way to a Healthy Smile

Did you know there are certain foods that can help you get a winning smile and prevent things like tooth decay? Simplyhealth put together a brilliant infographic on six superfoods that are great for your smile, and then challenged me to come up with some recipes featuring some of those foods.

I used some of them to create a Waldorf salad with a twist, spinach, tomato & chilli pasta, and simple cheese & apple cracker snacks for the boys. All three creations are super quick to make, really easy and so good for your teeth as they feature four out of the six superfoods recommended by Simplyhealth. Read on to find out how I made them…

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I had never eaten a Waldorf salad before, mainly because it comes with walnuts and I’m allergic to them so it’s not something I would order when eating out. It was the perfect way to include apples and celery – both stimulate saliva which prevents tooth decay – so I decided to make one with a twist. Instead of walnuts I used toasted pine nuts! I’m not allergic to pine nuts so I often use them as a substitute in recipes. This classic salad features chopped apples, grapes and celery mixed with mayonaisse on a bed of lettuce with a sprinkling of pine nuts. Delicious! You can find my full recipe here.

As it’s getting colder, much colder, I am turning to more carby dishes and pasta is featuring on our menus quite a lot. Ian and I are both fans of chilli, so this pasta dish with spinach, tomatoes and chilli was the perfect way to include another of the Simplyhealth superfoods. Spinach is packed with vitamin K which is great for bone health. Check out my recipe here!

Finally I came up with something really quick, tasty and healthy for the boys. They love cheese which is packed with calcium and phosphorous to prevent tooth decay, so these crackers topped with cheese and sliced apples is just perfect for helping their dental health too. I haven’t got a recipe post for this as it’s just so simple!

There you have it, three great ways of including four brilliant superfoods to cook your way to a healthy smile. To read more about the superfoods that will help keep your teeth white, healthy and strong head over to Simplyhealth to see the full list and some more ideas on including them in your family’s diet.

*Simplyhealth provided me with the ingredients to come up with these recipes

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