REVIEW: City Atlas by Georgia Cherry & Martin Haake

I have always had a love of books, right from a young age, and I am trying to instil that love of books in my boys. They already have a large collection of bright and beautiful books, and the latest addition to their little library is City Atlas (£20.00)* from the Wide Eyed books series.

City Atlas Wide Eyed Editions

The Wide Eyed books series is a collection of off-the-wall guides covering topics such as geography, nature and animals. Each one is full of beautiful illustrations and City Atlas is no exception. Written by Georgia Cherry and illustrated by Martin Haake, even the cover of the book is full of fascinating little images depicting each of the cities featured in the book. We spent a long time just looking at these before we actually looked inside the book itself!

city atlas martin haake review

With City Atlas you get to “travel the world with 30 city maps” covering all corners of the world. The maps include Lisbon, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Athens, Istanbul, Prague, Budapest, Moscow, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai and Sydney.

city atlas georgia cherry review

Each city has two pages of gorgeous illustrations and interesting facts, such as famous people, famous food and famous sights. Little N enjoyed trying to find the 5 little icons hidden on each page, for example in New York there are 5 yellow taxis to find and in Budapest there are 5 bowls of goulash to find. If your child is a fan of the Where’s Wally? books then they will love this!

city atlas wide eyed editions review

The maps tell you about the places you can go and the things you can do, and includes the things that are popular with tourists but also things that are a little less well known. For example we all know about London’s famous museums but did you know about Columbia Road Flower Market? I didn’t! I know about Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid but I didn’t know about the Faelledparken skate park. It also includes plenty of child-friendly things ideas to see and do if you’re visiting these cities.

city atlas budapest

City Atlas is a charming and captivating book that has kept my boys entertained for hours and is a great way to introduce them to learning about other countries and cultures. There are so many interesting things to read about and even I have learned a lot from this atlas! Its large size, sturdy cover and thick pages mean it will certainly stand the test of time with my children. And it will be interesting to see how many of these cities we manage to visit with them over the years!

What books do your children love to read?

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  1. Beautiful book - it's just been added to our want list :)

  2. Great review with awesome pictures. What a great present idea! Thanks for sharing.


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