Snack Time with Little Yeos & OXO Tot

My boys love yogurt and fromage frais. I introduced them when they first started weaning at 6 months old, and now they are 3 and 1 they still love them just as much. They like to have a pot of fromage frais as a healthy snack or pudding after a meal, and I have often thought that they would be a great snack to take when we are out and about for the day. Except for one thing… the mess!

oxo tot roll up bib review

As much I am an advocate of baby-led-weaning, the thought of the messy spoons and clothes afterwards has always put me off the idea of putting fromage frais in our snack bags or picnics. The clever folk at OXO Tot have the answer to this dilemma with their brilliant Roll Up Bib and On-the-Go Feeding Spoon which we were sent to try, along with lots of yummy Little Yeos Organic Fromage Frais to really put them to the test with.

little yeos oxo tot snack time

Little Yeos* from Yeo Valley have always been my preferred choice for the boys because they’re one of the few brands that have no refined sugar added to their fromage frais. Yeo Valley is a family farm which is now the UK’s number one organic dairy brand, and it is their 100% organic British milk which makes the delicious fromage frais in Little Yeos. Even the fruit puree in the fromage frais is organic. You’ll find no added sugar in these fromage frais, just the sugars that naturally occur in fruit and milk.

Little Yeos come in packs containing six 45g pots and there are five different flavour packs in the range: Pear & Apple / Strawberry & Peach, Mango & Vanilla / Strawberry & Vanilla, Raspberry & Apricot, Strawberry & Raspberry, and Natural. All of the flavours are winner with my boys, with N preferring “red” flavours such as strawberry and J preferring apricot. The pots of natural fromage frais are delicious simply as they are, or you can add a bit of blended fruit, or even use them in cooking!

little yeo snack time oxo tot review

OXO are well known for their innovative and ergonomic kitchen tools (I love their mango cutter, so clever!) and OXO Tot is their range of ingenious products for babies and toddlers. The On-the-Go Feeding Spoon* is a brilliant little spoon perfect for weaning babies which comes with its very own travel case. The shallow spoon is coated with super soft silicone which is gentle on baby’s mouth and gums and the handle is contoured making it easy and comfortable to hold. It’s ideal for self-feeding as the shallow spoon stops J from loading too much yogurt onto it and it doesn’t matter if he gets the handle all sticky in the process as I can simply pop it in the travel case to wash when we get back home.

oxo tot on the go feeding spoon

The Roll Up Bib* from OXO Tot is a soft, comfortable bib with a silicone pocket. The top of the bib is made out of fabric to cover baby’s clothes; it has wide shoulders and closes at the nape of the neck with riptape that is resilient enough to stop it being pulled off during mealtimes. The wide pocket is made with food-safe silicone and catches any stray bits of food – or yogurt in our case! 

It is perfect for using during snacktime when we are on the go, as the fabric part of the bib can be rolled up into the silicone pocket and closed securely. I’ve also discovered that I can fit the On-the-Go Feeding Spoon in its travel case in the bib pocket before folding, meaning I don’t have to rummage in my changing bag trying to find it!

little yeos oxo tot snacktime review

With our OXO Tot bib and spoon we have been able to take our Little Yeos everywhere with us.  We’ve taken them to the toddler group we go to, to our local farm, to the breastfeeding support group I volunteer at, to the park – in fact almost everywhere we’ve gone in the past week we’ve been able to take some yummy fromage frais without me worrying about sticky spoons or mucky clothes. The boys are happy to have their favourite snack and I’m happy because... no mess!

What snacks do your children enjoy on the go?

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  1. Wow that looks so handy! Great products, we're big on fromage frais here too! Fab review #Love2Blog

  2. We love to eat raisins on the go. Or biscuits. These yoghurt look delicious

  3. I must admit i'm a total stressed when it comes to mess lol. I had no idea oxo did baby products. The bib looks great. I'll have to get one for when bump starts weaning x

  4. those style bibs are so handy! I rarely get the 'regular' style of bibs now as my daughter makes such a mess it needs to all be caught haha

  5. the spoon looks really great for little ones. Your pictures remind me of when i was a Early years teacher and had about 8 babies all feeding at once in highchairs! The Yoghurt looks good too!

    angela Milnes

  6. These look like they were very much enjoyed! Rasins are a great on the go hit with us.

  7. We still love fromage frais here, even at the age of 6. Our to go to snacks are cheese strings, chocolate buns and yogurt squeezies.xx

  8. The spoon and bib looks fab. I ALWAYS forget a bib. We're not quite at the snack stage with the Baby but fruit is our big hit. And oat bars. Either bought or made x

  9. We have that bib, it's fab isn't it! My two are obsessed with yogurts but will literally eat anything on the go, biscuits, raisins, fruit, you name it, they'll eat it!

  10. Ooh these sound great. At risk of sounding like a bad mum though - I am delighted to see all the yummy food and fabulous utensils that my children could have -- but actually what this post has really made me want is a mango cutter! I so need that in my life!x

  11. How super cute!! He looks like he is really enjoying his grub and it's great that it's mess free x

  12. I love the pot in the mouth tactic haha. My two year old still can't eat yoghurt without covering himself in it.


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