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I've always been conscious of reducing the amount of food we waste as a family, and often I'll cook a portion or two extra so that I can freeze them for another day. My problem is remembering how long something has been in the freezer for; sometimes I'm just not sure so end up throwing it away anyway, which really defeats the point! Those clever folk at Joseph Joseph have the perfect solution to my problem, with their Dial food storage containers.

Joseph Joseph create innovative and functional household products that also look really stylish, for the kitchen, for storage, and for elsewhere around the home. Their Dial food storage containers are really clever; in the lid of each container is a contra-rotating dial, which allows you to date the contents. You can either set it as the date of storage, or set it as the use-by date.

The storage containers come in a variety of sizes, which can be bought individually. There are three rectangular containers with a capacity of 0.7l, 1l and 2.4l, and there are two square containers with a capacity of 0.9l and 1.2l. With the sets you can get either a set of 3-piece set container three 1l containers or a 5-piece set containing 2 x 0.7l, 2 x 1l and 1 x 2.4l. 

The containers are perfect for storing food either in the fridge or the freezer, and they're also microwave and dishwasher safe. We've been using our containers to store all sorts of food, from fruit and vegetables to leftovers, cupcakes to falafels. We recently went on a longboat trip with friends, and I packed a big couscous salad in the 2.4l container so we could all share it. I'm planning on experimenting with some vegan ice-cream recipes over summer, so our Joseph Joseph Dial food storage containers will be getting a lot of use then! 

You can buy Dial food storage containers from Joseph Joseph; prices start at £9 for the 0.7l container to £45 for the 5-piece set. There is also their Dial Baby sets, perfect for storing homemade baby food!

I was sent the 5-piece Dial set from Joseph Joseph to review.

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