My Children's Firsts with My First Petits Filous

When you think of your child's "firsts", what do you think of? First smile, first tastes of food, first steps, first day at school. When you become a parent, every day is a new opportunity for another "first" to be discovered - and believe me there is something to be learnt every single day. Big things and small things.

Little N is now three years old and it blows my mind to think of all the things he has achieved. Today I took the boys to the beach for the first time. That in itself was amazing, seeing their faces as they touched and played with the sand, felt pebbles and splashed in the water. They scrabbled up the bigger rocks and stood on the edge of the waves, throwing smaller rocks out into the sea.

Together we built sandcastles; well, I tried to build them while J did his best to destroy them! Then Little N drew a smiley face in the sand. It is the first time I've ever seen him do this. I knew he could, as he came home with a "grass-head" from preschool a couple of weeks ago which had a face drawn on the side of the cup, but I had never actually seen it. 

It has hit me how quickly the time has gone. He will be four in November and it still feels like he was born just a few weeks ago. He has learnt and achieved so much, with football and swimming being two of his favourite things to do. Yet I remember his first wobbly steps - on his first birthday - just like it was yesterday. The way he took one step then quickly took two more, whilst holding both of his hands in the air for balance. He carried on walking with his hands in the air like that for a good few weeks longer!

J also surprises me every day. And if I felt like Little N is growing up fast, then J's babyhood has flown by in the blink of an eye. Like his brother he is such an active child, he's so loving and gentle, too. His first words were dada, mama, and duck, because he adores ducks. He gives the best cuddles and recently learnt how to give proper kisses with a little "mwah" sound for added impact!

Both of my boys are really active, always running, climbing and jumping, so we are rarely at home. I try to get out and about with them as much as I can. They love to go to the park and to the farm, and I've been researching some fun places for us to visit over the summer. We can often spend a whole day away from home, so packed lunches and snacks are always needed.

All of my children love fromage frais and have enjoyed Petits Filous since they were little babies. Those dinky pots have gone from being a first food when they began weaning, to being a part of their every day diet now. My First Petits Filous is a low sugar, mild tasting vanilla-flavour weaning fromage frais, designed to introduce children to fromage frais from 6 months. For the kids, they're a real treat, but for me I know they're getting 100% natural goodness, calcium and vitamin D, with no added sugar and no artificial flavours. Win win!

I look forward to many more years of firsts to enjoy and memories to cherish. Maybe their next "first" will be the first time they let me have a full night's sleep? Wouldn't that be a joy!

This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge sponsored by Petits Filous. 

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