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My children love to spend as much time as possible outdoors, even when it's raining they want to be in the garden. The younger boys would spend the whole day outside if they could and my stepchildren ask to go out as soon as they're home each day. Our garden is a real haven for all sorts of mini-beasts and little animals; we have slugs, snails, worms, woodlice, ants, frogs, hedgehogs and birds to name a few! There was a real buzz of excitement when we received a package from Interplay containing their Worm World kit and some real, live worms, so we could learn more about them and how they live.


The Worm Word kit from Interplay comes with plastic housing, a plastic lid with airholes, two plastic feet to stand it on, a cardboard shade, and four small bags of different coloured sand. It also comes with a manual which explains how to put the Worm World together and take care of the worms, and also has lots of interesting facts and information about worms. We also received a tub full of about ten live worms, which can be ordered from Interplay if you can't, or don't want to, hunt for some in your garden.


It was really easy to put the Worm World together following the instructions in the manual. The soil in our garden seemed to be full of ants wherever the children and I tried to dig, so instead we used compost. I put the compost in and the children carefully sprinkled the sand to create different layers for the worms to dig through. Finally, we added the worms that we had been sent. It was pretty amazing to see how fast they burrowed down. In fact, I struggled to get a photo as they dug their way down so quickly, so literally managed to catch their tail ends!


The children enjoyed having a look at the worms each day to see how what they had been up to. Within a day they had worked their way throughout their new home. Some were curled in corners, some were stretched out in a long line, and some were wiggling their way down. They don't seem to like the light though and would dig and burrow away whenever we took the shade off.


It's so easy to look after the worms. They prefer somewhere cool, and we just had to make sure that the soil didn't get too dry. Equally we had to make sure it wasn't too wet as worms can easily drown. The children liked collecting dead leaves to place in the top of the housing for the worms to eat. We observed our worms for about two weeks before releasing them into the garden yesterday evening. The instructions say you can keep the worms for 4-6 weeks before letting them go, but I noticed that one of our worms had died and I felt quite sad about it, so we let them out sooner. The great thing about this kit is that it can be used again, so we might build a Worm World again later in the year.


Interplay Worm World is a brilliant way to help children get closer to nature and learn more about the creatures that we share our planet with. It's also a good way of teaching them to be responsible and kind to other animals. You can find Worm World here.

I was sent a Worm World to review.

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  1. Mine would LOVE this!! They are always off rescuing worms and snails that they find on the pathways so being able to see them up close would make their day. Might get it for them for Christmas. x


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