Happy Days: Sandy Toes & Salty Hair

Welcome to Happy Days! Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy. 

"Let the sun shine through your heart

There was no Happy Days post from me last week, but not because I had no happy moments. We were just busy making memories on the Isle of Wight! You can read about the resort we stayed at here, and I'll be sharing more from our holiday very soon. As you can imagine, we have lots of happy moments, so here's a few recent ones:

  • The boys had their first experience of sandy toes and salty hair. Little N is three and a half, but we've never been to the seaside! When we went to Bluestone Wales last year, it rained on the one day that we ventured to the beach in Tenby. So on this holiday we spent every single day at the nearby beaches. Little N was so happy to be able to build sandcastles, while J merrily kicked them down. 

  • Little N seems to be coming on leaps and bounds with his speech. His words are becoming clearer, he now uses I, me and my correctly and he is starting to pronounce the letter S.

  • Talking of speech, J has also started to say a few more words. Ian and I had been talking about whether we should be worried about his lack of speech, and typically a few days later he started saying more. He can now say dad, duck, quack quack, woof woof and oh dear.

  • We had a fabulous dinner one night while we were on holiday at a restaurant in Ryde called The Three Buoys. I was so happy to discover they had a vegan menu, with not a single ratatouille or risotto in sight! 

  • I've been sent a car to review this week which is rather exciting! We've got a Peugeot 5008 which is a 7-seater. We're looking to buy a new car very soon and a compact MPV is exactly what we are looking to buy. I'll be writing about the car in more detail soon.

  • We've been spending lots of time with our friends and their children; I think we have spent the last four Saturdays in a row all hanging out together. Last weekend we spent the afternoon in the park playing frisbee and eating ice-cream. It was great!

This weekend we are heading to the farm for another birthday party, then Sunday is Father's Day. We have no plans as yet, but hopefully the weather will be nice so we can do something fun. Have a super weekend!
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  1. Can't wait to read about your holiday to Isle of Wight, I went there so much as a child and really want to go back with my girls. I always find the summer brings people together more and meet ups with friends happen more easily. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Glad you had a lovely break int he IOW, it is so pretty. Glad the boys speech is coming on so well x

  3. I love the beach, exciting times taking the kids to the beach for the first time. My son hated the sand between his road #happydayslinky

  4. How lovely that your boys got to experience the beach. We live on an island so we're always going to the seaside. It sounds like you've been having a fab time lately and I hope you all enjoyed your holiday in the Isle of Wight.

  5. There's nothing like aa holiday for making happy memories is there? Can't wait to hear all about your trip in more detail! I always love a beach, there's something just so calming and nostalgic about it. Lovely to hear both your boys speech is coming on so well - so many of us out there stressing about this!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm sure your little ones had a ball! You get sent cars to review.. OK, I just had a moment of jealousy! :) Looking forward to reading that review! x #happydayslinky

  7. The Isle of Wight is somewhere I have always wanted to go but never been, it sounds lovely. I cannot wait to take the twinnies to a beach when we go away in the summer. Hope you have a lovely week x

  8. Love the seaside photo and your post about Whitecliff Bay brought back a lot of happy memories for me - I spent several weeks there the summer I was seventeen and met one of my closest friends there (we went back when we were both 27 to relive the memories!) It's changed a lot since I was there though but the beach was my favourite thing there too! So glad that you had such a wonderful time. Thanks for hosting #HappyDaysLinky :-)

  9. Aww what a great photo. You can't beat a trip to the seaside. Glad you all had a great time. Have a lovely week xx

  10. I hope you had a fab time Sian, its so lovely just getting away and chilling as a family. Ooh the car sounds perfect, I am at the stage where I am thinking do I get a little car again, I only have a Fiesta which I love but i used to have a little sporty Peugeot and loved it, but had to sell it when I had Joe, now I have no need for pram space my mind is starting to wander to little sporty numbers again, its so odd hoe being a parent to small children changes everything, and I am so glad the boys speech is all developing well, it is such a lovely time, discovering new words ever day x

  11. Oh wow a car to review that is amazing! It is lovely to hear your children talking more and more. And hurray for spending time with friends... A fab week.

  12. Sounds a lovely week. A car to review, how amazing and it makes lovely to spend time with friends #HappyDaysLinky xx

  13. Nothing better than a day at the beach. Congrats on the car review. Very exciting #happydays

  14. I love little toes in the sand! Thanks for hosting lovely xx #Happydays

  15. Love that photo, sandy toes are the best! See you tomorrow!! xx


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