Beautiful Births #18: Laura's Drug-Free Birth

I absolutely love reading birth stories as every experience is so unique, and after sharing my own two very different birth experiences [emergency c-section and natural VBAC] I decided to ask other mums and dads to share their beautiful birth stories with me, too. If you’d like to share your birth story, send me an email or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

Laura from Dear Bear and Beany is sharing one of her birth stories today. It is the story of her first daughter's birth. After a bit of a slow start, her labour suddenly picked up the pace and it was a real sprint to the finishing line!

The birth of my first baby girl…

I can’t say that I enjoyed being pregnant, I suffered so badly with morning sickness that I nearlyended up in hospital. Once that passed at seventeen weeks there was a period where I did enjoy it and I carried on working until 36 weeks pregnant. It was tough towards the end and I was looking forward to having a couple of weeks at home resting before meeting my baby girl.

However, she had a different idea as at 37 weeks pregnant I woke up one Saturday morning feeling weird. I know great way to describe it, but with it being my first pregnancy I had no real idea what going into labour would feel like and I wasn’t expecting to go into labour at 37 weeks. Doesn’t everyone tell you first pregnancies are late?

Anyway it wasn’t long before I said to my husband I think this might be it, I think I am in labour. I remember phoning my mum to let her know and she cancelled her plans to go to zoo with my brother and his family, so she could be ready to come and meet her granddaughter when she made her appearance.

I spent the whole day in early labour, we went to long walks to try and get things moving, I took a bath, but still it didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. I phoned the hospital in the afternoon, just so let them know I was in early labour and they could expect me soon hopefully.

But I went to bed that evening still in early labour and my poor mum waiting at home worrying about me. I felt so bad that she missed out on her trip to the zoo! During the night I started to worry if my baby was ok, I hadn’t felt her, but looking back I guess I wouldn’t have done in the same way, as I am now in labour. But I phoned the hospital and spoke to the midwife for some reassurance. The midwife was lovely and told me that if I was worried at any point I could go in and be checked over. This was all I needed to hear, to know that they were waiting for me.

My first day of maternity leave we had visited the Harry Potter Studio, as Andy is a fan of the films. I have to confess I had only watched the first one, so Andy suggested on Sunday we watch the other films to help distract me. I spent the day bouncing on my ball watching Harry Potter and going for yet more long walks!

By Sunday evening there was still no sign of a baby, yes I could tell that things were moving along, just very slowly. It was London Olympic closing ceremony that evening, we had been lucky to go to 
an event and we sat down to watch it, me still bouncing on the ball. 

I then sent Andy to bed, but felt that there was no way I could sleep this time.

Alone at night watching trash television with only your own thoughts whist in labour, is not good and I started to panic about my baby. I phoned the hospital and it was the same midwife. She was lovely and said they probably should check me, as it had been going on for a while.

I woke Andy up and we headed off.We went into the pre-delivery room and she checked me over, I was only 4cm dilated! I was gutted as I knew it meant another trip home, but I did get to hear my baby’s girls heartbeat and that was so reassuring.

Monday morning soon came around and we were lucky that Andy could work from home. It was another day of Harry Potter films and bouncing on the ball. By now the contractions were dialling up a notch and I had a dining room chair in the lounge to lean on during them.

Then all of sudden at 7.10pm, I heard a pop and my water had finally broken. I shouted to Andy ‘quick get me off the rug’ even in labour, I think about the mess! 

I headed to the toilet and yes they had indeed broken. Andy phoned the hospital and they were asking him lots of questions. Meanwhile I was in the toilet, thinking what on earth just happened as the contractions were coming so fast now. I was shouting to Andy to just tell them we were coming in.

I texted my poor mum, how she coped all this time I will never know! 

We were on our way back to the hospital this time knowing we wouldn’t be leaving without our baby girl. 

Back into the same pre-delivery room we went and the midwife tried to check me over, it took ages as I kept having contractions. Andy was sent back to the car to get the bags and move the car as were definitely staying.

I remember lying there looking at the gas and air thinking the midwife will let me have it soon…but it never came. I could hear the midwives outside talking, firstly that there was no time to move me to the delivery suite and secondly where was Andy!!

Everything was ready and I was finally 10cm dilated and ready to push. Andy came rushing in with 
my bag, but there was no time for me to wear the perfect nightie I had brought to give birth in. I started pushing at 9.15pm and I held my baby girl for the first time at 10.35pm.

No drugs, no gas and air, nothing but a paracetamol I had 5 hours before…

There is nothing like holding your baby in your arms, everything that you have been through already a distant memory.

Maybe next time I would make it into the delivery suite and see if the gas and air is as fab as everyone tells me it is…but for now I was a mummy to my beautiful Alice.

Oh Laura, you did make me laugh worrying about making a mess on your rug, that is something I would say, too. And yes, gas and air is pretty fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful birth story with us.

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  1. Ha ha it's funny that we still worry about these things even when in labour and in pain!! Thanks for sharing my story lovely X


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