Child Safety Week: Fireman Sam's Summer Safety Campaign

Fireman Sam has launched a nationwide campaign to highlight the importance of keeping safe this summer. It's in partnership with Child Safety Week, which runs from 6th to 12th June 2016 and is an annual drive by the Child Accident Prevention Trust which raises awareness of child-related accidents and how to prevent them from happening. Fireman Sam has come up with a list of his top ten summer safety tips for parents and children on how to stay safe and reduce the risk of any accidents, and to bring these tips to life Fireman Sam and his team are featuring in animated videos so that all the family can become aware and stay safe this summer.

Fireman Sam’s Top Ten Summer Safety Tips

  • Always walk when you are near a swimming pool, never run.
  • Never push anyone into a swimming pool.
  • If you are swimming in the sea, never turn your back to the sea – this will prevent you from seeing big waves coming towards you.
  • Take care when paddling and swimming in the sea as the water can get deep very quickly.
  • Always ensure you have a responsible adult with you when paddling and swimming in the sea.
  • Always leave lighting a barbeque to a responsible adult.
  • Ensure you keep your barbeque a safe distance from trees, bushes and anything else that may catch fire before lighting it.
  • Make sure that your barbeque is placed on a flat surface so it stays in place once it’s lit.
  • Always stand back from a barbeque and keep a safe distance whilst it is in use.
  • Stand back from the edge of the platform at the railway station and never push anyone whilst on the platform.

The Fireman Sam Summer Safety videos are a fantastic, fun way to reinforce key safety messages and you can watch them by visiting the Fireman Sam Essential Safety Collection on the Fireman Sam YouTube channel here. You can also get more information on Child Safety Week and download the full range of free resources here.

As you can imagine the boys have been having lots of fun learning all about Fireman Sam and his team with some brilliant new Fireman Sam goodies that were sent to us last week. Today we have been stuck indoors as it's been raining really heavily, so we have watched Fireman Sam: Heroes of the Storm about a dozen times! Fireman Sam and his team are on a mission to save the residents of Pontypaddy from a hurricane, and there is lots of excitement and adventure. It's a great action-packed story.

Jigsaw puzzles are always a hit in this house, we have absolutely loads of them as Little N has a bit of a talent for being able to put them together really quickly. He absolutely loves them and was over the moon with this jumbo 35 piece puzzle. It amazes me how quickly he can do them, especially as he's only three! Hopefully the weather will brighten up tomorrow so we can go out, but if not I'm sure the sticker books, action figures and magazine will be plenty to keep us busy for another day.

Are your children fans of Fireman Sam? What are your top summer safety tips?

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  1. We love fireman sam in our house - wouldn't life be so much easier if Norman just buzzed of and lived somewhere else? xx


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