Mama Style: Tiffany Rose Josephine Maternity Dress in Moroccan Print

I mentioned in my last Mama Style post that I had ripped one of the pairs of my maternity jeans. I have been trying to get away with wearing them still and hoping that nobody notices, because it's been quite chilly and my poor legs get cold! On warmer days though, which we've had a few of, I am really loving wearing dresses. It's so nice to wear something other than jeans, and before I had children I was always in dresses! Once this baby is here I am making it my mission to make dresses a staple feature of my wardrobe.

This gorgeous one was sent to me by Tiffany Rose and is their Josephine maternity dress in Moroccan Print. The fabulous team at Tiffany Rose had sent me a couple of their absolutely beautiful maternity dresses to try out and they are simply perfect for giving you a bit of a confidence boost during pregnancy. I do often find that maternity wear can be a little limiting sometimes; because of my height (I am on the short side) I tend to get swamped by maternity dresses but this one is just perfect.

This particular dress is a slightly figure-hugging style and the gorgeous jersey print has been inspired by the vibrant colours of the middle east. It has jewel-like red, blue and orange tones and is lined with a rich red material. It's really sumptuous and rather glamourous! It's one of Tiffany Rose's day dresses but would absolutely suit a night out, too. Me? I'll just be wearing it on the school run or to pop to the shops and looking very stylish as I do so! Maybe I can convince Ian to take me out for dinner one night before the baby comes so I can really dress it up.

Like my other Tiffany Rose dress this one has a crossover neckline at the front so it will be handy for breastfeeding in too, which means I will be able to keep wearing it long after the baby is born. It's so beautiful I feel like I need to have another baby after this one so I can wear it again and again! If you like this dress you can find it here for £119.00.

Do you prefer maternity jeans or dresses?

With thanks to Tiffany Rose for sending this gorgeous dress to feature.

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