Play Time: Disney Cars Mack Truck Playset Review

Like most children, my boys are crazy about toy cars and trucks and were over the moon when they were sent the Disney Cars Mack Truck Playset to review and some Disney Cars vehicles of the characters Lightning McQueen and Tex to play with it. And with the baby's arrival just a few weeks away it was great timing for me, as it will be a fab toy to keep them occupied when I am busy feeding or settling the baby when she is here!

The Disney Mack Truck is a transforming playset that can be played with in several different ways. It doesn't need any batteries, you don't need to any building and it can be packed away neatly storing the cars inside. All of these points are big pluses for me, as I feel like I am forever fighting against a tide of toys in our house or having to buy new batteries. Anything that the boys can just get out to play with and then neatly put away after is a winner in my eyes!

Mack can be played with as a push around hauler, with the cars stored inside until the next destination is reached. Then park him up, open up the trailer and he becomes a stunt training set! There are two ways to play with Mack as a stunt training set; children can either launch cars down the sky high ramp to burst through the Rusteze sign, or press down on Mack's cab to launch cars through the trailer.

The boys' favourite way to play with the playset is launching cars from Mack's cab; they really fly off at speed! Jude loves push along toys so he is always happy just pushing Mack along, while Noah prefers the stunts. It's great that there are several ways to play with the set so they don't get bored, and they can play together.

At £19.99 for the playset and £5.99 for the diecast cars, it's great value for money and can be connected to other playsets from the range, so it can be added to and make quite a fun collection. The boys are already pestering me for more cars to go with their set!

Are your children fans of Disney Cars?

With thanks to Mattel for sending this toy to feature.


  1. My little boy loved Disney Cars, he's grown out of it recently and more into Lego now. Great photography on this post, super cute!


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