Pregnancy Diary: Third Trimester - 33 Weeks

17th February 2017

At 33 weeks pregnant my little Pip is about the size of a cauliflower. She (yes, it's a girl!) is nearly 19 inches long and weighs around 4.5lbs now. Here's what's been going on during my 33rd week of pregnancy with baby number three.

Baby Development

Pip is nearly at the length she will be when she is born, and she continues to put on fat. She will gain around half a pound a week at this stage of pregnancy! Her bones are still forming and beginning to harden ready for the outside world. Her eyes will be open when she is awake now, not that there is a lot for her to see in there, but she can recognise light if it's shone on my belly. Her brain continues to develop ready for the big day.

Body Changes

I. Am. SO. Big! I feel like I can't get any bigger, though with the baby expected to gain half a pound a week from now until the birth I am sure I will do. I have noticed that I no longer shed any hair when I am washing my hair in the shower; I hope I cling on to this hair at least until after the wedding!

Pregnancy Symptoms

I'm still having a lot of Braxton Hicks which are usually in the evening and when I go to bed. It coincides with Pip's active periods which, like the boys, are always at night. I hope this doesn't mean she will be a night owl when she is born! Cravings are back: I am loving broccoli and olive oil. Especially broccoli griddled in olive oil, yum! I guess my body is demanding some good fats? They say we crave what we need after all! The iron tablets haven't kicked in yet, but it has only been a week. During my last pregnancy it took about two weeks to feel the effect.

Antenatal Appointments

I haven't had any appointments but will see the consultant at 34 weeks (or 33+6 to be precise) and the midwife is coming round to do the home birth booking at 34+3.

Looking Ahead

When Jude was born I became a milk donor for the Queen Charlotte hospital in Chelsea and it's something I am thinking about doing again. There has been a fundraising campaign for a new milk bank opening up here in Hertfordshire and it is due to open in April, so perfect timing! I have sent them an email to let them know I'd like to become a donor again. I wrote a post about being a milk donor when I did it last time, you can read it here.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting the milk donation. I have no idea what my supply will be like (if I can even feed!) but will try to bear this in mind if I'm able - great thing to do! x


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