Pregnancy Diary: Third Trimester - 35 Weeks

3rd March 2017

At 35 weeks pregnant my little Pip is about the size of a bunch of carrots. She (yes, it's a girl!) is nearly 19 inches long and weighs over 5lbs now. Here's what's been going on during my 35th week of pregnancy with baby number three.

Baby Development

Pip's organs and skeleton are now nearly fully developed and she is now grower stronger each day. She will mostly just continue to get bigger and stronger from now until the birth. She head down but not engaged yet. When it's not your first baby they often don't engage until really close to birth!

Body Changes

Still feeling big! Still being told how big I am! Same old story; I'm sure you can expect the same from now until the end. My belly button is completely flat now and I'm wondering if I might even end up an outie this time!

Pregnancy Symptoms

I've been suffering quite a bit with heartburn and reflux lately. Orange juice really sets it off but I take my iron tablets with orange juice to help the absorption so it's a bit of a double edged sword. The Braxton Hicks are a regular thing now, I just take it in my stride though as I know they're not real contractions. I remember they worried me a lot during my first pregnancy, but then when I had actual contractions the difference is really obvious!

Antenatal Appointments

I saw the midwife at 34+3. She came round to do the home birth booking and also do my 34 week check at the same time. I actually ended up saying that I didn't feel I could think about the home birth plans until I knew for sure that my placenta has moved, because planning for a home birth and planning for an elective c-section are so different and my mind is just everywhere. So she just did my checks and we'll re-arrange the home birth booking another time.

All is well with my blood pressure and urine sample, the baby's in the cephalic position (head down) but her head is completely free and not at all engaged. Her heartbeat was a little fast at first but the midwife listened for a while longer and it slowed down, so she put it down to the fact that baby had been moving around a lot.

Looking Ahead

We have our travel system and car seat now; it is the Cosatto Woop travel system and I have the Cosatto Hold car seat with isofix base to match. They're both so beautiful, much more exciting than the plain black travel system I had for the boys! You can take a closer look at the Woop in this post.

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