Happy Days: Playing, Boxes & Red Noses

Welcome to Happy Days! Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy.

I so wish I could have more than one coffee a day at the moment as my brain is fried and when it comes to writing my Happy Days posts I'm actually struggling to remember what I've done all week. To be honest, now that we're on #bumpwatch I have mostly been cleaning, tidying, organising - nesting!

Here's what has made me happy recently

• Red Nose Day. It's something I enjoy every year and have done since I was a child. Of course it also makes me cry to see how others are suffering but that is what raises awareness. The children all had a Red Nose and the boys and I have been wearing our Rankin t-shirts. Noah even wore his to school today for non-uniform day as he loves it so much!

• School updates. Noah's school uses a little online system to show snippets of what they have been up to. His teachers are great and pop an update in each day. One of them made me laugh as he was asked what Mummy is good at and he replied "making pancakes". I have made him pancakes once, that he will remember anyway, and it was this year on Shrove Tuesday! Glad to know I have my uses!

• More deliveries. If you saw my Instagram story the other day you would have seen my hallway full of boxes as more amazing things arrive for the baby. I did get round to building the SnuzPod this week but as predicted I got myself in a flap and the boys were causing havoc in the room so my plan to video it went out the window! I will be doing a video though to give you a closer look. It is so lovely!

• Hide and seek. This might sound silly but the other day the house was a tip (as usual) but instead of tidying I ignored it for an hour and played hide and seek with the boys. The peals of laughter as I looked for them absolutely melted my heart. Of course I knew exactly where they were hiding but I went around the room looking in silly places to make them laugh. It's these little moments that are so special.

• Crochet. I have started that blanket I mentioned last week! Whether I will finish it in time or not is another matter, but I have started and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

• A brilliant giveaway. I'm teamed up with PacaPod who are giving away a Richmond baby changing bag just like mine! If you want to know how to enter, then head to this post.

I'm off to get my hair and eyebrows done today! Have a lovely weekend!
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  1. You are looking gorgeous! We likedwatching Red Nose Day on tv. I love a good game of hide and seek too! Thanks for hosting x

  2. Hide and seek is such a great game, simple and ends in giggles. You are looking fab lovely. Aww the online updates from school are great. What a wee cutie. Take care and enjoy lovely xx

  3. Hide and seek is such a fun game to play and always ends in giggles. You are look fab lovely. Aww online updates are great, what a wee cutie. Take care lovley and enjoy xx

  4. Oh I love hide and seek, especialty the giggles when you look in all the wrong places x

  5. Ah bumpwatch is here! And all the chaos that ensues! Thanks for hosting #happydayslinky

  6. Hide and seek is so fun. I didn't get to watch Comic Relief and I really wanted to see the Love Actually part x

  7. argh you must be so excited with the countdown to baby's appearance!!! I loved it towards the end when boxes arrived for Ben's room etc. I'm a sucker for packaging and post haha! #happydayslinky

  8. Awww, how adorable that he remembered the pancakes! It's truly the littlest things that make them happy and they remember! Good luck with the crocheting, Sian :) xx #HappyDaysLinky


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