Happy Days: Days Out, A Movie & Baby Things

Welcome to Happy Days! Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy.

I am struggling to keep my eyes open to write this post as I am just so exhausted! I hit 37 weeks pregnant on Thursday and I am totally ready to have this baby. Pass the matchsticks please!

Here's what has made me happy recently

• A party at Willows Farm. On Saturday we were invited to a party to celebrate the one year anniversary since the opening of the Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground. It's an amazing playground and the boys love it, so we were so pleased to be invited along to the celebrations. You can see what we got up to in this post.

• Logan. Ian and I squeezed a last minute trip to the cinema on Sunday. I love the X-Men movies and Wolverine is my fave, so I've been desperate to see this movie!

• Baby things! I mentioned last week that our Cosatto Woop had arrived; I've shared a "first look" post if you want to see more. We've also had our SnuzPod arrive with the most beautiful bedding. I'm planning to set it up during the week and might do a little video of me doing so. As long as I don't end up effing and blinding I'll share that with you next week! We've also had our Nomi arrive this week so it looks like I have lots of building to do in the next few days.

• Maternity leave. It's kind of bittersweet this one, as I love my role with the Social Sparkle team and it's been a bit hard to switch off, but I do have lots to sort out before baby comes so it's good to free up a bit of time.

• Yarn! I ordered a load of pretty yarn so that I can crochet a blanket for the baby. The boys have each had something made by me - in fact Noah had lots of things as I had a lot more free time with him! This time I am planning a striped blanket in all sorts of candy shop shades. Hopefully I will finish before the baby arrives!

Have a lovely weekend!
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  1. Sounds like it's been a good week for you :-) Titslly envious of your lovely pram xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely week. I crocheted blankets for both of my kids too (although they took me months not weeks as I'm pretty slow), you'll have to show off the finished article x

  3. Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to some lazy Saturday afternoon reads <3

  4. I can't believe the baby coming is so close. Hope you can get some rest. That pram is amazing. Love it. xx Thanks for hosting x

  5. I love that you make something for your children, what a beautiful thing for them to keep x

  6. Wow that seems to have gone very quickly! Here's hoping you get that blanket crocheted before baby girl arrives! thanks for hosting #happydayslinky

  7. ooooo i really want to see Logan, but then im yet to see the last x men movie even though we own it on DVD due to being too knackered to watch any film and we dont want it on when Bens around as we wont pay attention hahaha. maybe we need a day where Ben visits nan and grandad so we can see that and beauty and the beast! #happydayslinky

  8. What a great week, Sian! I love it when parcels arrive with lots of goodies :) especially baby stuff :) not long to go now, Sian so hang in there :) xx #HappyDaysLinky

  9. Aww what a lovely sounding week. I have never been able to crochet, no matter how many times I've learned. Good luck and hope you get it finished in time. I can't believe you have so little time left before your gorgeous little bundle arrives. Keep well lovely. #happydaylinky

  10. I totally read that as Logan, Ian and I.... I was like who is Logan and why did he come too? hahaha x


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