Mini Style: Twinning in Lottie & Lysh Monoskulls

A few months ago I stumbled across Lottie & Lysh on social media and instantly got major heart eyes over their gorgeous and unique children's clothing. They were looking for brand reps at the time so I entered my boys and, would you believe it, they were picked! Over the coming weeks I'll be showing you my favourite shots of the boys styling their Lottie & Lysh gear, starting with their coordinating monoskulls leggings.

Beautiful Births #14: Jessica's Placental Abruption & Emergency C-Section

I absolutely love reading birth stories as every experience is so unique, and after sharing my own two very different birth experiences [emergency c-section and natural VBAC] I decided to ask other mums and dads to share their beautiful birth stories with me, too. If you’d like to share your birth story, send me an email or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

This week the lovely Jessica from Babi a Fi, is sharing her birth story. She is the only person she knows who didn't have a labour at all, as the doctors discovered her placenta had ruptured after she went in for her scheduled induction.

#MyHappyCapture Instagram Project - January Round-Up

At the start of this month, Katy & I launched our new Instagram project, #MyHappyCapture. The aim of the project is to celebrate your happy moments, those that make you smile. We want to use the hashtag to build an Instagram community where you can share photos that encompass happiness. 

Happy Days: Daddy's Home

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

Welcome to Happy Days! Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day.

January has whizzed by in such a rush and blur of swimming lessons, school runs and days out, so I'm really glad that I do this weekly post. I would struggle to remember the things we do otherwise! Has January gone as quickly for you? 

As we wave goodbye to the first month of the year here is a little look at what has made me happy this week:

Review: I See Me! Personalised Sing-Along Book & CD

It's so interesting to watch children grow and see their little personalities develop. Their likes, their interests, their favourite activities quickly begin to show. At just 16 months old J is showing a real love of music, singing and dancing. A few weeks ago he was sent his very own Sing-Along Book & CD from I See Me!

My 10 Best Laundry Tips, Tricks & Hacks

With six people's laundry to do, it can often feel like a never-ending task. I do actually enjoy doing it, the weirdo that I am. I find it therapeutic and just love the smell of fresh laundry. I still want to be efficient though! Here are my 10 favourite laundry tricks, hacks and tips.

Mini Style: Hatley Winter Coat & Boots

I had been hoping for a snowstorm so we could really put Little N's new winter coat and boots from Hatley through their paces and get some gorgeous snowy photos to show you, however when the snow arrived last week it was a mere sprinkle and melted away before we could get in it! Never mind. 

Hatley is a Canadian brand which started in a small town in Quebec some 30 years ago and and has grown into an international clothing company. After the recent launch of the UK website, Hatley are launching their first UK store on Chiswick High Street, London. 

Happy Days: Bewildered & Bold

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."

Welcome to Happy Days! Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day.

Isn't January just flying by? It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating the new year yet here we are about to head into the final week of the month! Last weekend was very quiet, I didn't do much at all other than potter about doing chores at home and blog admin. The week has been pretty busy though.
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