Sunday, 28 September 2014

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is one of those products that I kept reading about on various blogs, people seemed to absolute love it, and I every time I read about it I thought to myself, “I must try that.” And then would promptly forget. Earlier this year I actually remembered to treat myself to a tube, then promptly forgot I had bought it! Then earlier this month I discovered that I’m allergic to methylisothiazolinone so I went through my beauty drawers looking for something to sooth the sore, dry skin that was left after the last allergic reaction and spotted it.

As the name suggest, Origins Drink Up Intensive is applied at bedtime and works overnight to replenish moisture reserves and build a reservoir for the following day. The key ingredient, Japanese Seaweed, repairs the skin’s barriers to help prevent future dehydration. It sounded like exactly what my poor frazzled skin needed!

The directions suggest to massage onto clean skin then tissue of any excess. I have more of a ‘waste not, want not’ attitude so I applied just enough. A blob about the size of a large pea was plenty. It’s not thick or gloopy like a normal face mask, it feels more like a very rich, intense moisturiser, yet lightweight at the same time. It has a gorgeous, fruity scent which makes me go “mmm”.

In all honesty, I didn’t expect to see results from the first use, especially as my skin was so dried out. I expected maybe a little less redness, maybe a little less dryness. I thought it would take a few uses to see real improvement. So you can imagine my delight when I woke the next morning to a smoother, more supple, glowing and happy looking face. Not totally back to normal, but vastly improved. I used it again a couple of days later and once again the results the next morning were amazing. I now understand why every blogger raves about it!

My skin is now back to its normal happy self but I will continue to use this mask weekly, or maybe fortnightly, depending on my skin’s needs. It’s so good to just be able to stick some on at night and wake up to gorgeous soft skin. A 100ml tube costs £23.00 which is insanely good value for money as you only need a small amount each time. You can buy it from Origins website here or you can pick it up in places like John Lewis and House of Fraser.



Tuesday, 23 September 2014


That’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Methylisothiazolinone (MI), apart from being a word that I cannot pronounce, is a powerful biocide and preservative that stops products going off, so extending their shelf life. It’s used in toiletries, make-up, baby products and paint. Yes, paint… So it must be pretty strong stuff!

You might be wondering why I’m writing about MI. Well, a few times I have mentioned that my skin has been having some very nasty reactions to beauty products. I would put a product on my face and within minutes my skin would be red, swollen and itchy. It would take about a week to ten days for it to calm down each time, leaving me with a very sad, sore, dry and angry-looking face.

I had put it down to my skin simply being more sensitive during pregnancy. But then I thought, why is my skin only reacting to certain products and not others, why is it so random? And in the midst of this pregnancy fog it occurred to me that maybe it was a specific ingredient that was causing the problem. So, like the geek I am, I wrote out the ingredients list of the three products that had caused the reaction so far (Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, Ginvera BB Creme and Clarins Cleansing Milk) and compared them to see if they had same ingredients.

Lo and behold, all three products had two ingredients in common. Glycerin was the first, but I knew that was unlikely to be causing such a problem. MI was the other ingredient, so I chucked it into Google and was astounded to discover that it is second only to nickel in causing contact allergies. Yet it’s on the ingredients list of so many products, big name products too, and is in a lot of baby products. Those of you with little ones might remember there being a bit of a fuss in the media last year about baby wipes causing painful rashes – MI is the ingredient they were talking about. It seems that I have developed an allergy to it.

I’m now having to thoroughly check all of my products to see if MI is on the ingredients list and have had to get rid of loads, including my beloved Aussie shampoo and conditioner. My partner thinks it’s great, he has inherited lots of wonderful skincare goodies that I now can’t use!

So there you go, it turns out that my skin isn’t just suffering from pregnancy-related sensitivity. It’s something specific. Perhaps if you too find yourself having random reactions to make-up or beauty products check the ingredients list and see if it contains methylisothiazolinone.



Sunday, 21 September 2014

Birchbox – September Beauty Box

September birchboxseptember birchbox beauty boxseptember 2014 birchbox beauty boxseptember birchbox contents

The theme of the September beauty box from Birchbox is Happy Days and it is filled with goodies to remind you of happy summer days. I’m delighted because quite a few of this month’s samples are perfect for my hospital bag!

Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream This dinky pot is just ideal for going in my hospital bag! The cream is said to banish dark circles and smooth fine lines, so something I will definitely need after giving birth.

Korres Citrus Shower Gel A generous mini bottle of this gorgeous and refreshing shower gel that has gone straight into my hospital bag. I’m wondering if it will double up as a shampoo as well, as Korres products tend to be quite gentle.

ModelCo Power Lash Mascara Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s in my hospital bag! I quite like ModelCo make-up and this promises intensely black, lengthened lashes.

Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum I instantly thought of chocolate truffles, obviously that’s not what they meant! Offering protection from free radicals, improved skin firmness and a healthy glow, I’ll look forward to trying this out in my evening routine.

Agave Healing Oil Treatment I love hair oils, although have never heard of this one. It’s a small sample but with oils a little usually goes a long way. I have popped it into my hospital bag!

Urban Fruit Magnificent Mango Confession. I struggle to get Little N to eat fruit. However he LOVED these. So, I’m assuming they were delicious, I didn’t get a look in!

Happy Days Photo Clip I thought this was a sweet little extra, I just need to choose a favourite photo to put in it.

I’m pretty happy with this month’s box, particularly as it has meant I have ticked off a few items from my hospital bag list! What do you think? If you like the look of it and want to sign up, please feel free to use my referral link: You’ll get 50 Birchbox points, equivalent to £5! The box costs £10 per month plus p+p.

Let me know your thoughts!



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