Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester - 15 Weeks

14th October 2016

At 15 weeks pregnant my little Pip is the size of an avocado and is nearly four inches long. Supposedly this is the week where I should start to feel better... hmmm, check out how tired my eyes look for a clue as to whether that's been true for me! Here's what's been going on during my fifteenth week of pregnancy with baby number three.

Baby Development

Pip is busy practicing his breathing and is inhaling amniotic fluid which helps his lungs to develop. His little eyes are moving to the front of his head and his ears are moving to the side so it sounds like he is starting to look like a proper person now! His legs are now longer than his arms so he is more in proportion and he can bend his arms and legs at the elbows and knees.

Body Changes

I've been able to eat a bit more recently which means I have managed to put the weight back on that I lost during the first trimester, which is good as mums are meant to gain around 2.5kg during the first few months, not lose it. My bump is ever growing but I'm still managing to wear my regular skinny jeans! I've started to wear maternity tops though just to ensure that my tummy is fully covered, as it is a bit cold now! 

Pregnancy Symptoms

I'm still suffering with nausea and headaches and there is still a lot food I can't face eating, but I am able to eat more. Generally the sickness comes if I let myself get too hungry. I've had a few other yukky pregnancy symptoms this week though, including random lip swellings which I learnt are called canker sores. They are harmless but it makes me look a bit odd to have such swollen lips! I was just taking vitamin D supplements, having stopped taking folic acid at 12 weeks as it makes me more sick, but I have started taking a full pregnancy supplement now to help my immune system.

Antenatal Appointments

I haven't had any appointments since my dating scan which I talked about in my 13 week update, but I will see the comminuty midwife for my 16 week check up at 16 weeks and 5 days. I received a letter through the post with the results from the screening for Down's, Edwards' and Patau's Syndromes which indicate a low risk. By no means does that guarantee anything though, it is just a risk factor. You can find out more about the screening here.

Looking Ahead

I have been having a sort through the boys' old clothes and toys and have managed to sell a few toys, which the boys were not too pleased about, despite these being toys they never play with. They have been pleased when they've received the money to put in their piggy banks though. We just have so much here so we have decided that we will find out the gender so we know whether to keep hoarding all the clothes we have or if we should get rid of them if it turns out we are expecting a girl.

One thing that does worry me about finding out though if what if I am in the 5% of people that get told the wrong gender? This happened to someone I know just a week ago! They were told they were expecting a girl at their 20 week scan, but had a growth scan at 38 weeks which showed there is definitely a penis! They had bought lots of pink things and lots of dresses so are now having to return a lot of what they've already got.

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  1. Aaw glad to hear you're managing to eat a bit more (hopefully lots more by now). You're looking fab despite feeling so rubbish xx


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