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Before I had my children, I used to be a regular gym-goer. I would go about three times a week, mixing it up with a yoga class, a spin class and a cardio workout. It was great! Since becoming a mummy, my priorities have changed and some of my personal hobbies had to go – my gym membership was one of them.

I miss going to workout classes at the gym; DVDs just aren’t the same. I can pause a DVD when I get tired, whereas being in a class spurs me to push myself and carry on. The instructor on the DVD can’t give me pointers or answer my questions. That’s where Hey Workout steps in!

Mummy Workouts from home

With Mummy Workouts I can attend live, interactive fitness classes without stepping out of my front door. I can choose from a range of yoga, Pilates, legs bums and tums, core workouts and more, and if I miss a class I can catch up by watching the recording in my own time.

I had the opportunity to give Hey Workout a trial* for couple of weeks and was really excited at the thought of being able to take part in workout classes again. Unfortunately for me Baby J has been a bit of a pickle at bedtimes recently, thanks to the hot weather making him fussy, so I kept missing classes. However I finally managed to join in with a 30 minute vinyasa flow yoga class, hurrah!

I logged in via my phone, joined the class and suddenly Tina, the trainer, appeared on my screen. I felt a little shy so I turned off my webcam meaning she couldn’t see me, but I could still see and hear her. Even with the webcam turned on, the only person that would have been able to see me would have been Tina, as participants can only see the trainer and not each other. Also, only the trainer is recorded during the class. Thank god. No one needs to see me huffing and puffing away!

The yoga class was excellent and I worked up a real sweat by the end of the 30 minutes! Tina was great at giving instruction and I could see her looking at her screen and encouraging the other participants. I regretted not turning on my webcam in the end – next time I won’t be a black screen!

Mummy Workouts membership costs between £8-12 per month, depending on whether you choose monthly, 4-monthly or annual membership. Monthly membership costs £12 per month, 4-monthly is £42 (£10.50 per month) and annual is £96 (£8 per month). Way cheaper than a gym pass and you get full access to all of the live and recorded classes!

How do you find time to fit exercise in around your family life? What do you think of Hey Workout? Let me know if you trial the classes!

*I was given a free trial in return for an honest review.

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  1. This is a great idea. Really really good. I think I might have to try this!


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