3 Baby Items I wish I’d Bought Preloved Using Wanna

Babies seemingly need a lot of STUFF. Pregnant for the first time, I bought so much stuff for my baby that I ran out of space to put it all. Pregnant for the second time, I was a lot more conservative in my spending because, having done it all once before, I knew what was useful, what was useless and what I could buy preloved.

Out of all the things I’ve bought for my babies, here are three items I wish I’d bought preloved…

Baby Items I wish I bought preloved


Jumperoos are brilliant! Both of my boys have loved being in the Jumperoo. The thing is, they have to be 6 months before they can go it in and my boys outgrew theirs by 9 months old. With a price tag of £115, that’s works out at nearly £40 per month. You can pick them up preloved for about £50!


I actually regret buying a moses basket at all, let alone buying one brand new! They just looked so lovely though and as a first-time mum I thought I needed one. Mine cost £99 and was used for 8 weeks, if you can even count that as N wouldn’t settle in it. Most of the other mums I know have only used theirs for a short period too so it makes sense to buy one preloved and just replace the mattress.


I suppose this could apply to any big toys, or any toys in general. Little N got a HUGE toy kitchen for his first birthday, played with it for about a week, and hasn’t touched it since. I see lovely little toy kitchens for sale all the time and they’re immaculate!


Preloved is definitely the way forward, especially with babies and children needing so much stuff. And at the rate they’re growing I feel like I am always buying them things or planning to buy them things. I also have bags of my children’s things that I have been planning to sell for ages but couldn’t be bothered with the faff of listing online.

There is now a great new app launching called Wanna which is a platform bringing together buyers and sellers of goods and services in their local communities. Like Facebook and Gumtree combined but better. You can buy, sell and find classes or activities all from one app.
“Wanna is a Parenting Marketplace. it is the go-to-app for parents to buy and sell goods and services within their local communities.
By actively and automatically matching users with our unique NLP algorithm, Wanna functions as an everyday utility.”                                               

With Wanna you can window shop by scrolling through the feed, or use the filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. With their unique NLP algorithm, Wanna automatically finds matches to your ‘wannas’. And as users are accredited with badges according to their ratings it creates a safer community and allows you to be selective about who you choose to interact with. I’m definitely going to be using it as a hassle-free way to declutter some of my children’s things.
If you wanna know more about you can sign up to the newsletter and download the app HERE. 
What baby items do you wish you’d bought preloved? What do you think of Wanna? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. I bought so much when I had my boy, I would most definitely buy a lot more second hand items if I did it again, they are in things for such a short period Xx

    1. I was a crazy shopper first time round! x

  2. What a good idea. I bought my Jumperoo second hand and some other bits too - because they weren't very worn and they were lovely! And cheap! Plus we often needed two of everything and this kept the cost down. Jess xx

    1. I think if I was having twins I would have had a meltdown at the cost of it all! x

  3. I think there is a lot to be said for buying pre loved stuff. I know when I've sold bits on they've been in excellent condition so there must be some other things being sold the same! Xx

    1. Yes so much of my boys stuff is like new because it's all used for such a small amount of time! x

  4. I an obsessed with ebay so wanna sounds right up my street!


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