Baby J is Nine Months Old

baby 9 months old update
How big? Baby J is nine months old. He now weighs 21lbs 8ozs and is about 76cm long. I say “about” because it’s hard to measure such an active baby! I knew he must have had a good growth spurt from last month as he has been wearing his 9-12 month clothes for a few weeks now.

Eating? This kid has such a good appetite and I’m so glad I chose baby-led weaning again. He has now passed the “grab everything in my fist” stage and has perfected his pincer grip. It is very sweet watching him pick up small foods like peas and sweetcorn kernals one by one.

Breastfeeding? His feeds have reduced considerably now. He only asks for milk when he wakes up in the morning, before naptimes and bedtime, and then obviously his night feeds.

Sleeping? Last month I mentioned that J is sleeping for longer stretches and I just knew I would jinx it! It’s not too bad really, he just seems to have been wanting an extra feed in the night. So now he sleeps from about 7 until about midnight, then midnight until about 3 before waking around 7. I know there is a growth spurt around 9 months so I am just telling myself that it will pass soon and hopefully he will drop one of those night feeds. It’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t though. On the plus side we seemed to have improved on daytime naps and J now naps regularly in the morning then the afternoon. He’s such a grumpy bum when he wakes in the afternoon though!

Milestones? We’ve had lots this month!

  • We’ve had first tooth,closely followed by second tooth.
  • J has started crawling, and he is super quick!
  • He’s also pulling himself up to standing and trying to cruise the furniture.
  • And he’s learnt how to lower himself to sitting after he’s been standing.
  • J has perfected his pincer grip.
  • He can sign “milk” and “more”.
  • He loves to bang things.

Me? I’m really starting to feel like me again. The first few months after birth just seem like firefighting through each day with no real plan and I feel like I am constantly on the go. However now I’m starting to grab 5 minutes for myself here and there and it’s nice! My skin is still a disaster at the moment although I have a couple of oils to help with that. My hair is just crazy with the regrowth and I look like I have a fuzzy little halo around my head! I’ve not made it to yoga yet but I have some lovely new trainers to help me with project “Bye Bye Mum Tum”; I’ll be telling you more about that very soon!
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what katy said


  1. Oh he is just too cute!! :)

    My girl started crawling at around 9 months too - it's exhausting.

    I can really relate the hair regrowth issues, I still have some weird post-natal fringe thing going on and I'm 15 months post-partum! *sigh* ;)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. The hair is driving me mad! I feel like it had only just recovered after N and then I had J and lost it again haha x

  2. Aww he is gorgeous! This was a great read and thanks for sharing :)

  3. Aw he's adorable! It's great when we start feeling like us again isn't it? Thanks for sharing #KidsCorner

    1. Ah thank you! Yeah it's so nice to feel a little bit normal! x

  4. Awww well done mummy, he's doing so well! And crawling already?!?! Wowee xx

    1. Argh tell me about it! I have no escape with two monkeys chasing me now! x

  5. My favourite thing has to be that he likes to bang things- haha!!!! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

    1. I wonder if he will be a drummer, he's got great rhythm! x


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