HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette – Vamp

I had a £50 gift voucher from my last birthday so I went to have my eyebrows done (I LOVE how they now look!) and used the remaining balance of the voucher to buy one of the HD Brows Eye & Brow Palettes so that I could maintain my fab new eyebrows at home.

HD Brows Eye and Brow palette
HD Brows EYEBROW palette

My eyebrows are really sparse which looks odd against my dark hair, so I am always having to tint them and fill them in to make them look more defined. I have tried so many eyebrow pencils and powders, and usually end up chucking them away as they’re not quite right – either too dark or too warm for my complexion. I’ve even mixed together eye shadows so that I can get the shade I want.

After my HD Brows treatment Amita showed me how to fill in my brows using the Vamp palette to create a more defined look for a night out, so I knew that these shades would work for me. There are four shades – a nude (3) to highlight the brow bone, a carbon (2) which can be used as an eyeliner, a dark brown (4) and a rich brown (4) - the browns can be used as eye shadows as well as on your brows.

I mostly use the brown shades and just use them on my eyebrows. Rich brown is the warmer, softer shade and Dark is bold and ashy. I vary every day on how I use this palette; sometimes I use one of them, sometimes I use both. It really depends on what sort of look I want to go for. A little goes a long way, the swatches below were literally tiny dabs! You can create a really soft natural look or you can create a more strong defined look, it’s so versatile. You could even create a Scouse brow if you really wanted too! I tend to go for defined yet natural.

The little brush is great too; to be honest I thought I wouldn’t like it as normally the little brushes in palettes are too fiddly for me. I was surprised at how handy the brush is. I use the blunter end to stroke the powder through my brows and the softer end to blend the colour. I love the staying power of these powders. I can do my brows first thing in the morning and by the time I’m going to bed they still look as good.

HD brows eyebrow eye brow palette vamp swatches
HD Brows Eye brow eyebrow palette Vamp swatches

I’m so pleased that I have finally found my perfect eye brow product; I could probably go without the nude and the carbon shades but the two browns are what I have been looking for for a long time. I only wish I had bought this palette sooner, it would have saved a lot of wasted products!

What do you use on your eyebrows?


  1. I have literally never done anything to my brows and only recently learned how inportant they really are to framing our face.I was on a photoshoot, and my non existent brows were done, and just looked amazing! nice lookin kit, and great price too x

  2. I got this set in a Glossybox well over a year ago, and I still use it everyday! I love it!!

    I mainly use it for defining the brows rather than as eyeshadow or liner, but its one of my daily make up staples!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. Same, I think I'll only use the brow shades xx

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    1. Thanks, hope you like it if you do try it! xx

  4. I can get on with powder, I had this palette but none of the shades suited me well. I moved on to using Benefit BrowZings but then found my perfect brow filler inner - Liz Earle Brow Pencil in 'fair'

  5. The HD brow palettes are really great, I kind of wish they would make ones with just 2 shades in because I don't think I'd ever use the dark or light colours!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  6. I've always liked the sound of HD brows but I am completely in love with Illamasqua eyebrow cake. Powders are definitely better than pencils though eh! xxx

    1. Infinitely better! I'll have to check out Illamasqua's offering when this runs out xx


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