REVIEW: Smooch Eye Shadow Duo Posh Tottie

This week I’ve been trying out one of the fab eye shadow duos from the new Ladies Who Lunch range by Smooch Cosmetics that launched this month (rrp £9.50).

There are six palettes in the collection and each features two complementary shades: The Wag, The Social Butterfly, Posh Tottie, Naughty School Girl, Trophy Wife and Morticia. I’ve been trying out Posh Tottie which has a pink shade and a violet shade.

Smooch Eyeshadow Duo – Posh Tottie  Ladies Who Lunch
Smooch Eyeshadow Duo – Posh Tottie Ladies Who Lunch Collection
Smooch Eyeshadow Duo – Posh Tottie Ladies Who Lunch Swatch
Smooch Eyeshadow Duo – Posh Tottie  Ladies Who Lunch Swatches

The eye shadow palette comes in a black cardboard box with white lace effect detailing. The palette itself has a rubberised feel to it much like the lipstick I reviewed here. It feels very sturdy and well designed, I’m confident that this won’t end up broken in the bottom of my handbag! It has a good sized mirror inside the lid which is great for touch ups on the go. It doesn’t come with any applicators, but that’s fine with me as I never use those diddy foam applicators that come with a lot of eye shadows.

The pink shade is the brighter of the two; it’s a pearlescent soft rose pink. The violet is the more sultry shade in the duo; it’s like a grey-toned lilac. While these are both definitely powder shadows, the pink shade feels almost creamy when applied and gives a dense look straight away. The violet has a more “dry” feel to it and needs building up quite a lot.

I’ve been using the pink all over my eyelids and the violet on the crease and outer corners to define. The pink also works well dotted in the inner corner of the eye to give a more “wide awake” look (something I need a lot of help with these days)! You can easily turn your look from day to night by applying more violet to create more of a smoky eye.

These eye shadows have good lasting power; I have found they’ve stayed put all day without creasing and that’s with only some foundation as a base. I imagine you’d get even better lasting power if you used an eye shadow primer too.

Disclosure: I was sent a Smooch Eye Shadow Duo for free for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinion remain my own.


  1. These colours are insanely perfect!

  2. I love those colours and the packaging is so cute xx

  3. They look so much like a NARS duo. I like the look of both colours and they sound great. I will have to get my hands on these. I have never heard of them before.

    1. Now you say it, yes it's really similar to nars packaging!xx

  4. What a pretty set. Purple is my favourite eyeshadow colour too and I'd imagine works beautifully with the pink. Xx

  5. Ooh these colours look SO pretty! I love the packaging, really reminds me of NARS!

    Jennie xo |


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