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It's funny how different each of my babies have been. Noah needed to be fed to sleep, Jude liked to be cuddled to sleep, but Essie? Well, she is my little miss independent! She likes to be put down after a feed and she likes it to be dark and quiet, then she'll suck her thumb and drift off to sleep. It's amazing having a baby who barely seems to need me, when her brothers were so needy by comparison. I feel somewhat redundant! 

One thing she does need me for is her daytime naps. The boys are very lively and as expected make a lot of noise when they're playing. They're just children, so it's hard for them to understand that Essie's naps are important. To them, making the right noises for their game is much more important than being quiet! So Essie relies on me to help her block out their noise so that she can nap in peace.

Essie was recently sent a soft, plush Ollie the Owl from sleep experts The Gro Company. It is an adorable night light and sleep aid with in-built CrySensor technology to help babies get quality sleep at night time and naptimes. Ollie the Owl plays four soothing sounds including heartbeat, rainfall, white noise static and beautiful Brahms lullaby. The sounds can be played at three different volume levels and the owl also has a gentle glowing tummy with three levels of light to create a calming environment. 

When the sounds are activated they will play for 20 minutes before going silent, while the light will glow for 30 minutes. When Essie is ready for a nap she likes to have a feed and then settle in her SnuzPod while listening to Brahms lullaby. The music soothes her off to sleep but also blocks out her noisy brothers! Ollie the Owl's intelligent CrySensor technology "listens" for three hours and if it hears a noise will automatically switch the sound (either white noise or Brahms lullaby) back on for 20 more minutes to help Essie settle again. You can also switch on the CrySensor function without having to play the sound first, which is useful for when Essie has already fallen asleep.

Ollie the Owl has a Velcro strap so can be attached wherever needed: crib, car seat or pram, for example. I use the strap to attach it inside her crib as she drifts off, then once she is asleep I move it so it is hanging outside of her crib. That way it is out of her reach but close enough that the CrySensor function still works. When Essie was a newborn she relied on white noise a lot to help her settled, whereas now she prefers sweet lullaby music. These days she falls asleep within a few minutes, rarely needing the full 20 minutes. I think when she hears Brahms lullaby played she just knows it is nap time!

Ollie the Owl is suitable for use from 0+ months and its neutral colours make it the perfect addition to any nursery. It costs £34.99 and you can find it here.

With thanks to The Gro Company for sending us Ollie the Owl to review

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  1. That owl sounds absolutely magical! I had to use a white noise app on my phone with my son, and he LOVED it! He eventually got given a glow worm that lights up and sings lullabies for 10-15 minutes as he goes to sleep. He loves it so much and he KNOWS that he has to go to sleep as soon as he heard the songs. It is magical. I feel almost redundant as well!


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