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Life with a new baby has been a busy and sometimes overwhelming time, especially with two more young, lively children tearing through the house like bulls in a china shop! I don't have the luxury of being able to hold and cuddle Essie all day long, so having a comfortable place to put her down and know that she is safe is essential. Summer Infant sent me their new Laid Back Lounger to review and it has been invaluable in helping me when I need a hands-free moment! 

The Summer Infant Laid Back Lounger comes with a toy bar and two removable toys. It is a unique positioner and infant play mat that can be used three different ways as babies grow and reach new stages of development. It is made with soft padded fabric which provides a comfortable, cushioned environment for Essie while the fox and bee toys and the brightly coloured woodland design keep her interested and entertained. The toy bar is removable so that the position of it can be changed depending on which stage of use it's in and the toys are simply attached with Velcro. 

Stage 1 is perfect for newborns to lay back and look at the toys hanging overhead. Essie has gone from gazing at the toys, to trying to bat at them, to now actively grabbing and pulling at them. It's been great for her gross motor skill development and hand eye coordination as she concentrates on reaching the toy that she wants and then tugs on it with all her might. She also loves to kick her legs up and push the toy bar down - it's not exactly been designed for this "game" that she's created but she's happy nonetheless! 

Stage 2 is aimed at encouraging tummy time. The toy bar can be moved so that it is positioned at the top end of the Laid Back Lounger to encourage Essie to lift her head and reach out while she is on her tummy. It provides cushioned support while Essie has been developing the strength in her neck to be able to keep her head up and work on pushing herself up on her arms. 

Stage 3 is to help support babies while they learn to sit unaided. The Laid Back Lounger folds in half to surround and provide support for babies as they learn to sit unassisted and again the toy bar gives them something to play with while they sit. Essie isn't yet at this stage in her development, but if she is anything like her brothers then it wont be long!

The Summer Infant Laid Back Lounger has been such a welcome addition as it allows me to be able to put Essie down and know that she is safe, comfortable and happy playing while I tend to the other children or prepare lunch or, you know, just enjoy a rare cup of coffee! It costs £39.99 which is such a great price for a product that will last through several stages of babyhood. If you like the look of it then you can find it here!

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With thanks to Summer Infant for sending us a Laid Back Lounger to review

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