Baby Loves: Fisher-Price Hippo Projection Soother

Essie is really fond of background noise while she naps during the day; it seems to help her sleep better by blocking out the sounds of her big brothers playing and the noise of me pottering about doing the housework. She's has a few different sleep aids and lullaby toys now and her latest one is the Fisher-Price Hippo Projection Soother which was sent to us to review. 

The Fisher-Price Hippo Projection Soother is a light projector which shines stars overhead on the ceiling and walls, as well as playing different calming lullabies and nature sounds. There are three buttons plus an on/off switch. One button activates the nature sounds and white noise, the second button turns on the overhead starlight projection and the third button activates the lullabies. You can use the buttons to scroll through the sounds to the one that you want and then it will rotate through them all continuously for 30 minutes or until you turn it off. The overhead starlight projection stays on for five minutes before turning itself off. 

The soother has a cuddly soft head and legs to help create a comforting bedtime or naptime routine and it is suitable for use from birth. I don't like to keep anything inside Essie's crib and find that it is better to have the soother placed on a surface nearby so that the stars can be projected above and she can hear the soothing music. She finds the stars so fascinating to look at, she seems completely mesmerised by them! 

I find that the 30 minutes of music is about right for her to settle with, but it would be better if the light could stay on longer as it would make such a lovely nightlight. You can't change the volume on this soother but I find that it is just about the right level for us and it has a soft start/stop so that Essie isn't startled by it being turned on and off. I also use this as a tummy time toy during the day with Essie as she seems to find the hippo's face and the pattern on its feet interesting to look at! 

This Fisher-Price Soother costs £22.99 and is also available in blue. It requires 3 x AA batteries which aren't included, so don't forget to pick those up too!

With thanks to Fisher-Price for sending us this soother to review.

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