Essie at 3 Months Old

Essie turning three months old has been quite an emotional point in her little life for me. She isn't a newborn anymore. I no longer have a newborn baby and I'll never have a newborn baby again. It might seem silly and trivial - and believe me, I know I am so very, very lucky - but it's still a bittersweet milestone in my wonderful journey through motherhood. 

If you read my birth story you'll know that Essie was born at home and she weighed a chunky 9lb 4.5oz. She weighed at 12lb 4oz at two months old but her weight gain has slowed a little since then. At three months old she weighs 13lb 10oz, which means she's dropped from the 91st centile to just below the 75th. The health visitor said this is absolutely fine and she is still gaining well. She is now mostly wearing her size 3-6 month clothes, but she still have a few 0-3 month clothes that she can just about fit into.

She had her second round of immunisations which I was dreading as she was so upset after her first lot. I needn't have worried though as she just sort of shouted a little in shock but then immediately started smiling again!

Essie's hair has stopped falling out now (I wish I could say the same about mine!) and she has some very fine, downy hair beginning to grow back. She still has her little mullet at the back of her head and her long tuft on top which is so fricking cute! She still has blue eyes, but I'm still hoping they'll go green like mine! 

After discovering her hands during her second month, Essie has mastered the ability to grab at things, albeit not very gracefully. She has an firm grip once she gets hold of what she wants though, so I have to make sure my hair is always out of her reach! She loves to babble and shout. She has certainly found her voice and I am woken up by her calling out. She is such a smiley, happy little thing and we have the beginnings of first giggles coming too.

She has managed to roll over in each direction once; I'm not sure if they were flukes as she hasn't done it since! She has found her thumbs and is always sucking away on either her thumb or a couple of fingers. When she is tired she sucks her thumb and drifts off to sleep, just like she is in this video, it's so cute to see! 

Breastfeeding is still going well and Essie feeds around every four hours or so. I'm not hugely worried about her dropping a centile on the weight growth chart, but I am going to offer her feeds slightly more frequently as I don't want her to drop any further. We'll see if it makes any difference when I next get her weighed!

Essie loves to nap and will often fall asleep in the car or pushchair. If we are at home she likes to go into her rocker for a nap. Amazingly I have been having lots of nights with Essie sleeping through. She has been falling asleep in her rocker downstairs at around 8pm, I take her up to bed with me around 10pm and then she doesn't wake again until around 4am. I'm wondering if this is why her weight gain has slowed down as she hasn't been having as many night feeds... 


  1. She's beautiful and I love her name x

  2. She's lovely! Gosh babies are all so different... my daughter is 15 weeks and she feeds every 2 hours in the day and usually twice through the night but a few nights a week she does every 2 hours nightly too! No wonder she's so huge she was born 8lb and was 16lb by 12 weeks 😬😬😂😂

    Love following along with Essie as she's a similar age. I also have a 2y 4m old son too.


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