Pregnancy Diary: Third Trimester - 29 Weeks

20th January 2017

At 29 weeks pregnant my little Pip is about the size of a pineapple, just a little less spiky. She (yes, it's a girl!) is about 16 inches long and weighs nearly 3lbs. Here's what's been going on during my 29th week of pregnancy with baby number three.

Baby Development

Apparently Pip is now nearly the same length as she will be when she is born, but now she just needs to continue to pile on the fat and gain more weight. Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and her movements are becoming more like ripples and rolls rather than the big kicks I've had so far.

Body Changes

Other than getting rounder and wider and no doubt heavier, I think the changes that happen during pregnancy are pretty much done now. I am struggling to fit into my maternity jeans, they were super comfy but now they just seem to slip down where my belly is so low, and it is so annoying. Dresses may be the way forward, but it's so cold still that I am persevering with the jeans!

Pregnancy Symptoms

Reflux. Oh my gosh the reflux. I guess the baby is just pushing on my stomach and causing the acid to come up. It's such a horrible feeling. I am muddling through with it as I really can't be bothered with having to trek to the doctor's to get some anti-reflux medication so fingers crossed it just doesn't get any worse. Some of the ladies on my "due in" Facebook group are really suffering with it, poor things!

Antenatal Appointments

I had my routine 28 week check with the midwife, who funnily enough was one of the people there for my university interview last spring! The interviews were conducted by a lecturer and a third year student, and she was the third year student! It was really lovely to see that she is now fully qualified and working in the community. The baby's heartbeat was strong, my blood pressure was good - on the low side but that is good in pregnancy -  and the baby was in the oblique position, but there is plenty of time to move. Next appointment is with the midwife at 31 weeks. I shouldn't actually have a 31 week appointment as this is not my first baby, but I've yet to tie down my named midwife and need to discuss the home birth so I am having an extra appointment.

Looking Ahead

When my two boys were born I never did gifts from the baby. I'm not thinking of doing them this time either, but I am thinking of putting together a bundle of goodies for them just to help keep them entertained when I am busy with the baby as I know just how busy it is going to be. I was thinking of getting them some new DVDs, like Trolls and Storks, and maybe some activity books. Did you buy your older children gifts from the baby or put together activities for them? Let me know what you did and what ideas you have!

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  1. Lovely to hear all was fine at the appointment. You are looking fabulous xx


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