Happy Days: Wedding Flowers & Little Baby Clothes

Welcome to Happy Days!  Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy.

Baby dress John Lewis, my dress Jojo Maman Bebe

Apologies for the lack of post from me last week. I did have plenty of happies to share but I was just so exhausted on Friday that I was falling asleep and had to message Katy to say I just wasn't going to get my post done in time. Being pregnant is hard work!

Here's what has made me happy recently

• Playing on zip wires with the boys. During half term we went to one of the parks nearby which has a massive sand pit, a huge slide and an awesome zip wire. The boys were loving the zip wire, although I was exhausted waddling alongside them to make sure they didn't fall off!

• A trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. We're blog ambassadors for this lovely zoo but haven't been in a while as it's been so cold and I've struggled a lot during this pregnancy. It was really good to go again, although a lion peed on my pushchair! Thank goodness J wasn't in it at the time, that's all I can say! I didn't take my camera this time, but you can see photos from a previous visit here.

• Organising my wedding flowers. We're having quite a low-key wedding but a few things are still really important to us and having lovely flowers is one of them. My talented friend Stephanie from Stephanie Rose Flowers is going to be doing them and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. I've basically said I like eucalyptus and I like lavender and have left the rest to her!

• Nesting. I have tidied and cleaned and gotten rid of loads of things this week so the house is beginning to look a lot more organised and spacious. I still have lots more to do and to be honest this house is just far too small for us, but it is a start!

• Washing baby clothes. How much fun is it! It's so weird to hold up these tiny little outfits and think that the boys were ever this small. Ian's mum has been on a buying mission and has found some really gorgeous outfits that aren't head-to-toe pink, they really are so lovely.

Have a lovely weekend!
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  1. Aw sorting out the baby stuff is so cute! Can't believe how the time is flying. Also must be exciting sorting the wedding flowers. I love a good zip line...such fun! Thanks for hosting x

  2. Awww I loved washing the baby clothes before baby arrived, it would get my so excited for baby's arrival!

  3. Aww lovely, you need to look after yourself too & if you're tired you must sleep. It is lovely to see the baby clothes they look so tiny. Your wedding sounds lovely. I had a small one too. Take care x

  4. OMG a lion peed on your pushchair? I had a lemur pee on my foot a few years ago when I was pregnant and the stench was vile, I had to fight the urge to be sick all the way home. Sounds like you've had a lovely week though. Washing the baby clothes is always amazing, and that dress is sooooo cute x

  5. I'd have been freaking out about the lion pee!!! eeek! sounds like a good week though! I have a pile of newborn clothes in my bedroom that were my 'favourite' outfits - I haven't done anything with them yet, but keep picking them up and can't believe my 1 year old was ever that tiny!! I loved washing all her clothes before she arrived. So exciting! Have a great week! #HappyDaysLinky

  6. I'd like to hear more of this story about how a lion got close enough to your pushcahair to pee on it! #happydays

  7. I love Paradise Wildlife park, one of the lions wee'ed on my cousin when he did work experience and apparently its a good thing - like they're accepting you.
    I loved the last part of pregnancy, the getting the last bits ready. The end is near! #happydayslinky

  8. Yay for all the nesting I loved that part of pregnancy I'm not sure how I'll feel a 2nd time round though with a toddler to wrangle!! Thanks for hosting #happy days

  9. A lion peed on your pushchair!!!! I think we need more details!!!!! I know what you mean about washing baby clothes. I was so excited when I found out our second was a girl - the clothes are just so darned cute! Hope you are feeling good in your pregnancy. xx

  10. Still makes me giggle that the lion peed on your buggy haha x

  11. Think for a woman taking care of baby and their stuffs is the one of the most important thing they want. I personally like that. Besides this getting involved into choosing your wedding flowers is kind of exciting and too much fun as well. I personally choose my wedding flowers. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and precious moment with us. I am glad that I read your post.


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