Pregnancy Diary: Third Trimester - 28 Weeks

13th January 2017

Hitting 28 weeks pregnant marks the start of the third trimester; we are on the countdown now! It's both exciting and terrifying, because time is really slipping through my fingers now. At 28 weeks pregnant my little Pip is about the size of a coconut. She (yes, it's a girl!) is nearly 16 inches long and weighs around 2.5lbs. Here's what's been going on during my 28th week of pregnancy with baby number three.

Baby Development

Pip's body is starting to release hormones which signal to my body to start lactation - and this makes sense if you recall in my last update I mentioned J had weaned after my milk had changed back to colostrum. Apparently Pip is having lots of dreams at the moment as she is sleeping, and she is also able to cough and practice breathing. She is gaining more weight as her fat increases and she is becoming more chubby and more baby-like.

Body Changes

I can't remember if I have mentioned my weight recently or not. I currently weigh in at 133.6lbs, which is just over 9.5 stone I think. When I first started writing these updates at 12 weeks pregnant, I weighed 111.8lb. That's a gain of nearly 22lbs! Almost 2 stone, but I had actually lost a bit of weight during that first trimester so my weight gain is pretty normal. I think!

Pregnancy Symptoms

I feel like I might just end up repeating the same symptoms throughout this trimester which are mostly the fact that I am so uncomfortable! The baby is lying in the oblique position which is diagonally across me, so I have a wonky looking belly and seem to have limbs poking out everywhere. I can't get comfortable in bed, sitting down, standing up, anywhere!

I have been to hospital to be checked over as I had a period of reduced foetal movements. I rang the hospital to get advice as the baby has a very regular pattern of when she is active, and that had stopped one night. As I was only 27+4 when this happened, the midwife just had a feel of my tummy and listened in with the Doppler, and typically the baby began kicking away then! The midwife was great and said that I definitely did the right thing by calling them, which made me feel less of a time waster.

Antenatal Appointments

My next appointment will be a routine midwife appointment which is booked for when I will be 28+4.

Looking Ahead

I'm really aware of how much growing the baby is going to be doing over the coming months and how important it is to get the right nutrients in me, so I really want to focus on eating more healthily. As I've felt so unwell so often I've been resorting to quick things like chips and toast, it's terrible! I'm going to try to cook in batches, maybe make lots of soups or cook roast a batch of vegetables so I can have a wholesome salad each day. What things do you think are good to eat during pregnancy?

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  1. I feel like your pregnancy is going so fast and soon you'll have a beautiful baba!! So nice to have these entries to look back on x


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