Pregnancy Diary: First Trimester - 13 Weeks

 30th September 2016

I am 13 weeks pregnant; my little Pip is the size of a lemon and is about three inches long. It made me smile as I remembered craving fresh lemons when I was pregnant with my first baby. I would eat them until my lips and tongue were sore! Here's what's been going on during my thirteenth week of pregnancy with baby number three.


Baby Development

Little Pip is developing teeny tiny fingerprints which will remain the same throughout his life. His thyroid has also started to function and is producing the hormones he will need to regulate his body functions. He is getting tiny hairs, called lanugo, all over his body and his bones are starting to become more solid. His body is catching up with his head which so far has been totally out of proportion. It never ceases to amaze me how well developed the baby is so early on!

Body Changes

I'm glad we have now announced that we're expecting again as it's getting really hard to hide this growing bump of mine. Isn't it enormous! I feel like a whale. A couple of people said they had noticed what they thought looked like a bump, but felt it would have been rude to say anything. They did the right thing; if you're not sure it's best not to say anything. I've had a family member assume that I'm pregnant in the past due to suffering an IBS breakout, and even if someone is pregnant they may just not be ready to say anything.

Pregnancy Symptoms

The morning sickness is still here, and it's not getting any easier. I've also been suffering with excruciating headaches, and heartburn, too. I'm feeling the need to pee more frequently too, especially at nighttime, so I'm feeling pretty tired on top of all that. Little N keeps asking me, "Mummy, when will you feel better?" I wish I knew!

Something positive however is that I have been feeling baby's movements. Yes, I know it is early, and if this was my first baby I probably wouldn't have noticed or would have told myself that I was imagining it. But being my third, I know what it feels like and know that those little prods are definitely baby movements!

Antenatal Appointments

We had our dating scan which put me one day ahead of the due date I had worked out myself. The scan was lovely, it showed a really active little baby bouncing around, swallowing and stretching his legs. He was also moving his arms around. I wonder if he will be as lively when he is born? At our dating scan we also chose to have the nuchal translucency (NT) scan where they measure the amount of fluid at the back of the baby's neck. This combined with a blood test and other factors like my age gives you a risk factor for Down's, Edwards' and Patau's Syndromes. I don't like the term "risk factor" as it seems so negative, but that is what they call it. It wouldn't change our decision to have this baby, so I do wonder why I chose to have it done. I guess I like to be prepared and if the results came back as high risk then I can find out what I need to. That said, a low risk factor doesn't mean this baby won't have Down's, Edwards' or Patau's Syndromes. If you want to know more about the screening you can read up on it here.

After the dating scan I found out the results of my blood tests taken at the booking appointment. Everything is looking good, and the nurse told me I don't need to take iron as my haemoglobin levels are high which is great news! I've booked in for my anomoly (20 week) scan in November and will be meeting with the Consultant Midwife in December to discuss my birth plan options.

Looking Ahead

To get myself in the mindset to prepare for another VBAC, I've been reading The VBAC Handbook. It's a really constructive book to help women prepare and make decisions about their births. It is full of evidence-based information about the pros and cons as well as several birth stories. If you are thinking of going for a VBAC, I really recommend it.

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  1. Ahh I'm so excited about following your journey Sian! I'm excited to see whether you'll be joining the 3 boys club with me or if you'll have a little girl (Don't worry, I won't be making any annoying comments either way...I know how it feels! Just excited to find out either way!).
    Your bump looks perfect! SO EXCITING! xx

  2. Great journal, indeed! Our first and second pregnancy are worth sharing to the world. The experiences, the excitement, the love, the worries, the giggles, all of them are part of our pregnancy journey and simply the most memorable part our life.

  3. I was able to feel Baby Lighty's movements at 14 weeks and he is my first and only child!! He didn't stop moving and doesn't stop now, so you may be in for a fidget bum I'm afraid...

  4. Oh baby moving in the best thing ever isn't it, just makes it all so real! Sorry you are feeling sick, but am so excited for you xx

  5. So sorry you're still feeling rubbish honey. Hope the sickness is passing now. You look fab xx

  6. Love reading along, brings back so many memories of that time! Isn't it lovely seeing them move on the scan? I wanted to buy a machine to do it all the time😂! x

  7. What a perfect journal!! I would love to get my hands on one of these, yet I question I'd utilize it even a part as inventively as you have!!


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