Happy Days: It's Half Term!

Welcome to Happy Days!  Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day. It's where I share the little moments that have brought me joy. 

I am a bit of a poorly person this week, again. Pregnancy is wonderful but my goodness it can take it out of you! I had just gotten over a cold which had taken me weeks to recover, only to catch another one a few days later.  Sigh!

Here's what has made me happy this week

• It's half term! I do enjoy the one-to-one time I get with J while Little N is at school, but boy do I miss him. By the time I pick him up we don't have time to do anything else except go home and crack on with chores and dinner. We are heading to Paradise Wildlife Park on Saturday and hopefully will cram a few more exciting things in over the next week.

• Getting organised. Our house is going to be quite squeezed by the time this baby comes, but we won't be in a position to move until 2018, so in the meantime I am decluttering like a madwoman. It's actually really therapeutic! I've also been using the KonMari method to fold J's clothes into his drawers. Give it a go, you won't believe how much space you'll save!

• Speaking of the baby, have you seen my latest pregnancy diary entry? It's my 13 week update, and I'm talking about the dating scan and also feeling first movements!

• Wrapping up warm! It's officially hats and gloves weather, well at least for the morning school run! Have you seen J's new coat? It's so gorgeous!

• Winning tickets to The Baby Show! I usually attend with a press pass, but I have been feeling so ill with the colds and morning sickness that I have avoided all emails unless I really need to, so didn't get round to organising my pass for this time. I saw a competition on Facebook so entered and I won! Are you going?

What are you up to this weekend? As well as our trip today, I'm at an event with Currys and Hotpoint tomorrow - keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for updates!

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  1. I've got a cold too and can't shift it! I'm so excited to have Alice home for a week. Enjoy the baby show, I loved going when I was pregnant. Thanks for hosting X

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Congratulations on winning tickets to the baby show. 🎉 Thank you for hosting #HappyDays

  3. Sorry to hear you've been poorly again, it always hits you so much worse when you're pregnant doesn't it? I hope you feel better soon. The wildlife park sounds great. I really need to do some decluttering too. Have a great half term x

  4. Our weeks seem quite similar - I'm loving decluttering and baby flutters too! Hope you are feeling better soon lovely xx

  5. Wrapping up warm is the best in Autumn isn't it? Especially if you're not feeling your best. Have a lovely half term and hopefully a little bit of chill time :) Thanks for hosting #HappyDaysLinky

  6. It is so exciting that you are feeling baby move! Don't worry about making everything fit, we had a small home when our baby 3 came along so we built a huge dream home thinking we needed space and ended up feeling more separated from each other and have downsized again lol.

  7. Sorry you are feeling poorly, I was like that with all three of mine. Hope it eases soon. Have fun at the baby show. Take care x

  8. Ah I loved the baby show when I was pregnant, and decluttering feels so good doesn't it x

  9. Enjoy half term! Must be lovely to have time to spend all together for a week or so :)

  10. Aww I really feel for you. I had cold after cold in the first trimester - your immune system is literally minimal for those early weeks. Sure will pass! I'm loving wrapping up too. Glad you having some time with Little N. Will check out your pregnancy update! Thanks for hosting lovely xx

  11. Have fun at the Wildlife park! I can't quite get used to this cold weather yet. Last year I could just wrap robert up in a wrap and zip up my coat. This year I have to dress him accordingly!! #happydays

  12. I always loved being pregnant in winter. It's so much cooler, and you can wear big bulky coats too! :) #happydayslinky

  13. Sorry to hear you're not feeling great. Hope you've had a good half term though! #HappyDays

  14. I love KonMari - been folding clothes this afternoon and I find it so calming lol. x

  15. I need to do some decluttering! It's so therapeutic isn't it? x


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