Review: Oblumi Tapp Family Thermometer

Several weeks ago I received an email from Oblumi, a relatively new company based out in Spain, inviting me to review their innovative Tapp device. The Oblumi Tapp is a small device which connects to your mobile phone through the earphone jack and becomes a digital infrared thermometer,allowing you to quickly check yours or your child's temperature on either their forehead or their ears, and you can also check the temperature of liquids. Intrigued, I said yes! 

The Oblumi Tapp device is a couple of inches long, and comes with a convenient storage pouch. It's the ideal size for keeping in a changing bag or in the nursery so that you can easily take a temperature within seconds. The small device simply slots into the earphone jack on the phone and works using the audio settings. I had some difficulties getting it to work on my phone, however the team at Oblumi were really helpful and directed me to the "help" section on their website. It turned out that my phone was blocking the device from working, but after making one simple adjustment to my phone's settings I was able to use the it easily.

To take a temperature you can either put the device in the ear or hold it against the forehead making small circles, and using infrared the thermometer accurately takes the temperature. It's non-invasive and you can easily take your child's temperature even if they're asleep! I find it quicker to take the temperature from the ear, as this is the most straightforward method. However, my children are fidgety little things so actually taking their temperature on their forehead. You have to "draw" little circles using the Tapp, but I can turn that into a bit of a game and then the children don't mind.

As well as being able to take temperatures, the device also uses an app which can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play and with this app you can register your data to record a temperature history, calculate medicine dosage, send and receive notifications and set alarms to remind you to check your temperature or take medicine. This is really useful, for example, if one of the children are poorly and I need to keep an eye on their temperature, or if they are on medication it will remind me exactly when to give the next dose. This would have been really useful a few months ago when Little N had a terrible skin infection and was on two different medicines which had to be taken at different times of the day. I had written all of the times down but it still got confusing, so an app to remind me would have been ideal.

You can create a profile for each member of the family and record their personal data and measurements. It's handy for if you need to share this information with someone else, such as the family doctor, a grandparent or a caregiver, as you have everything logged in one place. 

This is a really useful and convenient little device, much more convenient than traditional thermometers which my children squirm and wriggle to get away from! It costs €41.95 (about £35) and can be bought from Oblumi. You can also find Oblumi on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. How neat is this! I mean, honestly, it's like our phones can do something new every single day-I'm pretty amazed. This neat little gadget could totally come in handy for so many parents! I wonder if it's available in the US. Thanks for sharing <3


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