My Happy Capture: June Round-up

At the start of this year, Katy & I launched our new Instagram project, #MyHappyCapture. The aim of the project is to celebrate your happy moments, those that make you smile. We want to use the hashtag to build an Instagram community where you can share photos that encompass happiness. Every month we choose our favourite photos that have been shared using the tag and round them up on our blogs and Instagram feeds! 

Our little community is growing at a rate of knots; over 10,000 photos have shared using #MyHappyCapture since we began this project at the start of the year. Wow, just wow! Thank you to everyone that joins in, we love seeing all your photos. Here are my nine favourite photos that were shared last month, and you'll find links to all of the Instagrammers' accounts below so that you can take a look at the rest of their wonderful photography.

Do go check out these lovely Instagrammers, and take a look through the #MyHappyCapture feed - there are so many stunning photos. And please share your photos too! Your pictures can be of anything at all: your family, your pets, a new lipstick, your favourite food. Whatever has made you smile, we want to smile with you! 

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  1. This is lovely! I've joined in a few times and will join in more from now on Sian. Me and Becca are taking our old linky onto Instagram instead going forwards so found this really interesting on how you guys do it and the community you have grown is just awesome! Lizzie xo


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