Days Out: Picnic at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

Up until a few weeks ago I had almost given up hope of ever having a proper picnic this summer. Rain, rain, and more rain. And then, in true British style, the weather went from one extreme to the other! I have been desperate to take the boys over to Wrest Park in Silsoe, Bedfordshire to explore the grounds so as soon as the sun was out we packed a picnic and jumped in the car.

By the time we got to Wrest Park it was absolutely scorching. I realised later that day that it was the hottest day of the year in fact! Within minutes my hair was sticking to my neck and poor J was turning beetroot! I knew I wouldn't be able to cope with the heat for very long so instead of exploring the Park properly we just decided to have our picnic, play in the playground and have some fun with the grass maze. It's not far from where we live though, so I am sure we'll be back again  this summer to look around properly.

A few weeks ago Flying Tiger Copenhagen sent me some of their gorgeous flamingo themed picnicware, including a fleece blanket, a cushion, a cooler bag and some awesome cocktail stirrers. If you've never been to one of their stores, you must. But be prepared to oooh and aaaah over everything! They have so many quirky and stylish products for the home, for the office, for the children, they have partyware, beauty accessories, art and craft materials. It's a real mish-mash of fun and affordable things.

We've been waiting for weeks for a dry enough day to make use of our gorgeous bright new picnicware. As you can see from the photos above Little N found the cushion and blanket very cosy, so cosy he decided to lie down and have a cheeky snooze. The cooler bag is deceptively spacious and I managed to fit three rounds of sandwiches, yogurts for the boys, drinks, fruit and some other little snacky bits with room to spare!

Looking back at these last few photos, there's nothing particularly amazing about them but what really strikes me is how grown up Little N is. How he such a boy now. There is not a single trace of his babyness, he has shed toddlerhood completely. He has always been tall, but he was always tall and chubby and that always made him still seem like my baby. When did he lose that? I can't remember exactly when it happened and it's only now, looking at these photos that I have noticed it. It's not because I don't pay attention to my children, actually I think it's the opposite. I spend so much time with them, that they just seem like they have always been as they are now and I don't notice the gradual changes. 

Oh time, how I wish I could slow you down.


  1. Wow, looks that you and your boys had a lot of fun. Kids love picnic. This is always a good time for kids to play, learn and experience. Love your cute kids so much!

  2. lovely kids. it's great to playing outside with your boys. they must enjoyed it so much.
    have a nice day :)

  3. Beautiful photos. Your boys are adorable. I can see the happiness through these photos. The time goes by so fast and we have to get used to it :)

  4. It might be not a really great trips but the photos are very nice. Time flies and someday we'll surprised about how kids grow. That's a common parents' stories :D Just enjoy it.


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