Review & Giveaway: Panasonic SC-RB5 Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of those rare times that I am tempted to step into the realm of vlogging, so that I can show you just how amazing this little speaker from Panasonic truly is. The SC-RB5 is one of the newest additions to Panasonic's range of wireless speaker systems, and the funky device works using "Resonance Bass" technology to produce quality sounds. 

When the speaker is placed on any hard surface or object, such as a table, kitchen worktop or even a wooden floor, it sends vibrations through those objects which amplify the sound. Not only that, it has the unique feature of being able to adapt its noise to the surface it is placed on. I was sent one to review, and I was seriously impressed by the quality of sound it produces. Read on to learn more, and enter the giveaway to win one for yourself! 

Many of us use smartphones and tablets for everything these days, including listening to music and watching videos. If your phone is anything like mine, the sound quality isn't that great so a bluetooth speaker is the perfect solution for producing great sounds when out and about. 

The Panasonic SC-RB5 bluetooth speaker has a really unique and futuristic design with its circular shape and sleek, compact appearance. The small, black speaker has touches of silver and the blue lights to indicate when it is on and each mode is active. It also has a blue line of light that runs around the perimeter too, and pulsates in time with the music. 

The speaker is water resistant so along with its small, lightweight size it is perfect for taking to the beach or pool over summer, or in my case setting up in the kitchen when I'm doing chores! You can control it remotely from your phone and even connect it to other speakers using bluetooth for even better sound. It offers up to 12 hours of battery life and is charged via a USB cable.

Using the speaker was really easy. There is a power button, then the bluetooth button is held for a few seconds to scan for a device to connect to. Once connected, you simply press play on your phone, put the speaker on a hard surface, and enjoy the incredible sound quality. It's really easy to switch between devices, to; just disconnect one and connect the other. There are volume controls on the speaker itself, but you can turn the volume up and down remotely as well. There is also a bass boost function - the sound output is pretty good as it is but the bass boost takes it to another level! 

It's seriously impressive; when I tried it for the first time I couldn't believe the difference in sound when holding the speaker in my hand, which sounded about as good as playing from a phone, to when I placed it down on the table. The volume, bass and quality is fantastic, and all through something as simple as a vibration. How very clever! 

I have partnered with Panasonic to offer you the chance to win a SC-RB5 bluetooth speaker. To enter simply complete one or more of the entry options on the widget below. Good luck! UK only, ends 28/08/16, see T&CS here.

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