REVIEW: Cuddledry Cuddlepaw Toddler 'Dress Up' Towel

Bathtime in my house can be mayhem. I bath the boys together, then let them play with their toys whilst I sit next to the bath getting soaked by their splashes. Once they finally agree to get out the next challenge is getting them dried. Little N is fine as he understands that he'll feel cold if he doesn't dry off quickly. J, on the other hand, refuses to keep his towel on and instead runs around the house completely naked, teeth chattering, until he has air dried! We were sent a Cuddledry Cuddlepaw towel to try, from their range of toddler dress up towels. Could this be the solution?

Cuddledry burst onto the baby scene a few years ago with their baby apron bath towel, a completely genius design which attaches round your neck like an apron leaving your hands free to wrap the towel around your baby. It's no surprise that two mums were behind the towel's clever yet simple design, in my experience it's always mums that invent the best baby products! 

Following the success of the baby apron bath towel, Cuddledry have expanded their range which now includes swim towels, ponchos, robes, washcloths and other accessories, and a gorgeous range of toddler dress up towels for children from walking age until about 3 years old.

The Cuddledry toddler dress up towels come in several super cute designs featuring various animal prints and even a dinosaur! The Cuddlepaw towel has a snow leopard print with little ears on the hood, and for every one of these towels sold Cuddledry donate a minimum of £1 to the WWF. 

The Cuddlepaw toddler dress up towel is a big and fluffy towel which is made with bamboo fibre and cotton. This combination is 60% more absorbent than cotton alone and has the added benefit of a natural antibacterial quality. It makes for speedy drying whilst keeping my little boy cosy and warm, and the antibacterial property of the bamboo is reassuring. 

The towel has a hood made from absorbent bamboo for speedy hair drying and keeping J's little head warm, and there is a little popper just beneath the chin which stops it falling off when he tries to escape from me. It doesn't matter if he decides to scamper off as the towel stays attached and keeps him warm while drying him off as he plays. It is such a big, soft, snuggly towel and I'm actually rather envious of it if I'm honest as none of my towels are this soft or cosy! 

Cuddlepaw is £34.99 and can be bought from Cuddledry's own website as well as other retailers such as Natural Baby Shower and Amazon.

Do your children enjoy bathtime?

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  1. Such a good idea to give to the WWF! We have the baby version I can't wait to use it, might have to get Sienna the matching toddler one! xx

    1. That would be so cute to have them matching! x


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