Happy Days: A Big Deal

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved"

Welcome to Happy Days! Katy and I host this linky with the purpose of inspiring you to make the most of each day, no matter what you've been up to, and to find happiness in every day.

This week saw my biggest parenting milestone ever: Little N started preschool on Wednesday! You may be thinking, why is that a big deal, surely all kids start at some point? Yes, that is true. But not all kids have spent every day of their life, except for one, with their mother. Apart from when I went to hospital to give birth to Baby J, Little N has spent every single day with me. So this was an enormous deal for us. Mostly for me!

He has absolutely loved his sessions though and I'll be telling you more about him starting preschool next week. Doesn't he look adorable with his new coat, bobble hat and backpack? I spotted the hat and the backpack in the Mothercare sale and his winter coat was sent to us by Hatley.

Baby J has been enjoying having me all to himself while his big brother is at preschool, and has been delighting in all the uninterrupted cuddles he can get. And I have been enjoying the one to one time with him, as until now we have never had this.

I am really excited about this weekend as Ian and I will be going on a little date on Sunday afternoon. We're going to the cinema to see Star Wars. I've never see the other films, but I feel like I know the story anyway!

Have you joined in with our new Instagram project yet? We are delighted that hundreds of beautiful, happy moments have already been shared using #MyHappyCapture. Katy and I will be rounding up our favourites at the end of the month!

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*Little N was kindly sent the coat by Hatley.


  1. Hi! Im excited to be linking back up with Happy Days - its been a while. Little N looks adorable with his little back pack on - my little girl will start nursery in sept - shes excited and im dreading it! Lol. Have fun at the cinema, ive never seen any of the films either! x

  2. Ah its a huge deal starting pre school, I remember when our two started nursery I felt sick the first day, it was more of a deal for me that them. And its nice to have one to one time with Baby J too, especially when you know that Little N will be having a wonderful time x

  3. What an important step for the both of you, it sounds like it went really well though! :) Xx

  4. His coat is adorable! I completely understand why it was a big deal, my parenting has pretty much mirrored tours, I've been with my two children every single day, other than the odd day once every few months. I'm terrified for my son to start nursery and that's only because I worry he won't be taken care of as well, but I know he'll enjoy it. I hope your son carries on enjoying it and it gets easier for you, thanks for hosting x

  5. Oh I am so glad that preschool was good. Baby's story was similar and after a tricky start, she loved it. xx

  6. What a gorgeous picture. I absolutely love the coat too. The first day of preschool is s huge milestone. I hope it was a success!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Darcey attends nursery twice a week and it broke my heart when she first started - she absolutely loves it though!

  8. Aww how cute...sounds a bit bittersweet but also looks like it went really well! My daughter loves nursery and has been going since she was 14 months - think really good for them, so pleased for you! Have a fab date and thanks for shosting xx #happyday

  9. That's wonderful that N has started pre-school. I worried when my boys each started because I'm a SAH mom & they were only used to being with me. My littlest starts in September & I hate the thought of having no one at home with me anymore. Your IG community sounds so lovely, I'll add a photo this evening. Thank you for hosting #HappyDays x

  10. So glad that little N's first day at preschool went well - I was in a similar boat last year as Jessica had spent every day with me up until that point. It does make it feel like a extra big step, doesn't it? Love his hat and coat and glad you are enjoying the time with Baby J whilst Little N is at preschool :-)

  11. Wow - good job for keeping it together Mummy! Sounds like Little N did so well on his first day! Our toddler has been for some trial mornings and I found those hard enough, I'm not sure what I'll be like when he starts properly! He's always at home with me too, so I'm worried about the transition. But sounds like it was harder for you than for him! Thanks for hosting. x

  12. I hope he is still enjoying it, such a big change for them and for us when they suddenly become all grown up xx


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