My Happy Capture: January Round-up

At the start of this month, Katy & I launched our new Instagram project, #MyHappyCapture. The aim of the project is to celebrate your happy moments, those that make you smile. We want to use the hashtag to build an Instagram community where you can share photos that encompass happiness. 

We are absolutely delighted that over 500 photos have already been shared using #MyHappyCapture and we thoroughly enjoy looking through them all! Here are my nine favourite photos that have been shared this month - it took me forever to whittle it down to nine, honestly I could have shared loads more! - and you'll find links to all of the Instagrammers' accounts below.

Aren't these photos just wonderful? Do take a look through the #MyHappyCapture feed, there are so many stunning photos. And please share your photos too! Your pictures can be of anything at all: your family, your pets, a new lipstick, your favourite food. Whatever has made you smile, we want to smile with you! 

Are you on Instagram? Find me @quitefranklyshesaid!

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