Weekly Meal Planner #9

Welcome to another look at what’s on the menu this week! Apart from the pizza that we have every week, I’ve yet to repeat a single meal since I started sharing my meal plans. I try not to repeat meals too often anyway but sharing with you means I am even more aware of keeping it interesting! I hope it gives you some inspiration.

weekly meal planner 9


1. Ratatouille with pasta
2. Lentils Shepherd's pie
3. Banana curry with rice
4. Runner bean, spinach, pea & herb risotto
5. Mushroom Coulibiac with sweet potato mash
6. Grilled polenta with roasted vine tomatoes
7. Pizza!

What’s on your family’s menu this week?



  1. You have a lot of lovely meals planned...I do like the sound of the banana curry x

  2. Banana curry?! What? that sounds very interesting! I'd love to see a recipe of that!

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