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With two lively boys keeping me on my toes I feel like I am spinning plates trying to keep on top of everything. I’ve become one of those people that has a diary, a calendar and reminders in my phone, yet still forgets everything. Birthdays especially. I’ve recently discovered Parcelgenie, a gift messaging app which allows me to send little gifts through an app on my phone and the recipient receives text messages letting them know they’re being sent something. Meaning that even if I remember a birthday on the day, I can still send a little present on time!


Parcelgenie gave me a couple of codes so that I could try the service out myself and see how it all works. The app is free to download from Google Play or the App Store. You simply go into the app and select a gift from over 50 choices. Add a personal message, or select one of the readymade messages if your mind has drawn a blank, then enter the recipients mobile phone number. The recipient then gets a text message from you with your message and a text message from Parcelgenie asking for a delivery address for their gift. You also get a text message confirming your order.

parcelgenie review

I chose to send a box of Manly Sweets* and a box of Little Treasure* costing £4.99 and £4.49 respectively. The price includes free delivery and both boxes were delivered the very next day. The gifts are delivered Royal Mail and they fit through the letterbox so you don’t have to worry about whether your recipient is going to be home or not for delivery. They arrived carefully wrapped in tissue paper and packed with a gift card in a slim cardboard box.

parcelgenie gift app review

I think Parcelgenie is a genius idea. If you’re ever caught short and need a gift in a hurry, or you just want to send a little something to brighten someone’s day, then this is the app for you. To find out more or download the app, visit the Parcelgenie website.

*I received voucher codes to try the Parcelgenie service for myself.

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