5 Cool Cities I Want To Visit Around The World

Next year my family and I will be heading to the Dominican Republic for my brother’s wedding. It will be the first time my boys have ever been abroad. Before I had children I used to love going to different countries for holidays and would go away at least once a year, so I hope this is the start of many more holidays to come!
I had a go at the Karcher Monuments of the World quiz and it got me thinking about the places I’d like to go. Here is a list of 5 cool cities around the world that I’d love to visit with my family.

Statue Of Liberty Skyline And Blue Sky

1. New York

I have a lot of love for New York. It is my most favourite place in the world. I went once as a child, visiting family there, and then again a few years ago doing the proper tourist thing. I didn’t want to leave! I would live there if I could and actually did once try to look for a job in New York!

2. Tokyo

Tokyo just seems so cool! I love the mix of traditional culture and modern pop culture that seem to coexist harmoniously, and Japan seems to be at the forefront of new technology; always moving forward, creating and developing all the time. And not forgetting the food. I love Japanese food!
Federation Square In Melbourerne

3. Melbourne

I’ve never been to Australia, the thought of the enormous spiders they have has always put me off. But I would love to go one day. Melbourne is described as stylish and arty, dynamic and cosmopolitan. My kind of city.

4. Prague

The photos I have seen of Prague are simply beautiful. It’s a city so full of history with so much to see and experience. Plus, I know Ian would be happy with the Czech beers!

Big Ben On A Summers Day With Blue Sky And Red Bus


5. London

Okay this one isn’t abroad but London is an amazing city and it’s my country’s capital so of course I want my children to experience it. London is just awesome, it has so much to offer! The history, the culture, the sights, the cuisine, the arts, everything! It’s worth visiting just to see all the museums the city has to offer.
You can test your geographical knowledge and have a go at the quiz here – let me know how you score!

Where in the world will you be going on your next holiday?

*This is a collaborative post wth Karcher

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  1. Last year we have been to Dominican Republic. We went there over the Christmas and New Year period We had great time & overall experience was excellent.


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