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dinosaur finger puppet

Hasn’t June has gotten off to a disappointing start? Instead of warm, sunny days spent at the park or the farm, we’ve been stuck indoors thanks to the wind and rain. The lovely people at Sykes Cottages have saved me from being driven up the wall by a bored toddler though, by sending us everything we needed to make some fun finger puppets using their simple handmade craft guide.
Sykes Cottages Simple Craft Guide: Penguin Finger Puppet
Penguin Finger Puppet from the Simple Crafts Guide for Beginners by Sykes Cottages

The tutorial shows how to make a penguin finger puppet but thanks to its simplicity it can easily be changed to make all sorts of animals. Sykes Cottages sent us everything we needed to design and make our finger puppets, create a story using them and even a little puppet show theatre!

designing finger puppets

Little N and I set to work planning our puppets. N decided that our story would be: “din-aur me and din-aur Daddy go football.” Din-aur is dinosaur in toddlerish, in case you didn’t know. Each week N goes to football lessons with Daddy. Every time he plays with his toys he re-enacts himself and Daddy going to football. It’s very cute! I wasn’t at all surprised that he chose this for his story.

finger puppet template

Turning the penguin tutorial into a dinosaur was super easy. It’s such a simple design. All I needed to do was change some of the shapes, use different coloured felt, and add a tail! The whole thing was really quick and straightforward. That is until it came to putting it together, as I can’t sew! I could have glued the pieces together, but oh no, me being me I just had to do it properly.

finger puppet eyes

After a lot of muttering and pricking my finger, I decided to watch a Youtube video and learnt how to do a blanket stitch. Problem solved. I left the most important job of all to Little N: sticking on the googly eyes. And that was our puppet finished. Hurrah!

finger puppet dinosaursimple dinosaur puppetfinger puppet show

We had a lot of fun making these finger puppets, even if the sewing aspect did test my patience a little. I learnt a new skill so it’s a double win!

There are so many different puppets you could make using the guide from Sykes Cottages. They also have 5 other brilliant craft ideas in their handmade craft guide. They are all inexpensive and easy to follow so they’re perfect for making at home or on holiday. Find them here:

Do you and your children like crafting? What other animals should we make?

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Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Sykes Cottages.


  1. That is such a simple, but super cute idea. Thanks for sharing.


  2. A great way to keep the little people occupied on a rainy day.

  3. What a cute little dinosaur! My 4 year old son would absolutely love this. Thanks for the idea :-)


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